Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Search resumes after Chinese satellites spot object in Indian Ocean – Watch Video

MALAYSIAN police have denied that a mystery phone call was made to the pilot of missing Flight MH370 as the search for the missing plane continues.

More planes joined the search of a remote patch of Australian waters this afternoon in the hopes of finding answers to the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

Mike Barton, from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, said the hunt for the plane was “visual” search and would focus on a more defined area.

“China provided us with an image, we have incorporated that,” he said.

AMSA said a wooden pallet was spotted by a search aircraft on Saturday, and that it was surrounded by several other objects, including what appeared to be strapping belts of different colours.

A New Zealand P3 Orion military plane was then sent to find it but failed, Mr Barton said.

“So, we’ve gone back to that area again today to try and re-find it,’’ he said. An Australian navy ship is also involved in the search.


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