LIBERIA: Defense Ministry Clarifies On “Suspected Liberian Gov’t Gunmen Attacked Ivorian Border Town”

In a press release, the Ministry of National Defense said, “the attention of the Ministry of National Defense has been drawn to a story published on Sunday, February 23, 2014, by Reuters with the caption “Suspected Liberian gunmen attack Ivorian border town” in which Ivorian Defense Minister, Paul Koffi Koffi confirmed and said Four Soldiers and several attackers were killed but situation is now under controlled.

The Ministry clearly dismisses said information coming from the Ivorian Authorities as there is no evidence to prove Liberians involvement into the Sunday attack and  at the same time, the Ministry maintains that no Liberian crossed over to attack Ivorian post in that country. The Ministry believes an incident occurring in the Ivory Coast is an internal problem and the Government of Liberia has absolutely nothing to do with the attack that took place in GraboTown, 60 kilometers away from the Pleboborder areas.

The Ministry of National Defense further emphasizes that it remains committed to defending andprotecting sub-regional peace and security and will not tolerate any inch of Liberia’s territory to be used forplanning mercenary activitiesor any act inimical thatwill threaten the peaceand security of Ivory Coast as well as the sub-region in particular.

The Ministry assures Liberians that Liberia-Ivory Coast bordersremain secured,saved and open for normal business transactions", the Defense Ministry press release concluded.

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