Liberian Police Probing 7 Ivoirian Refugees

The  Liberia National Police is said to be investigating seven  men  near  Nyaake, a town in River Gee County on the  border with  La Cote  d'Ivoire for alleged loitering  and harassment  of  locals.

The head of the Police ERU detachment, Richard S. Teh  told  the Liberia News Agency that  the probe  follows  reports  of unusual movement  of  the men whose  names  were  not  disclosed.

He said the men are believed to be residing in the Ivorian refugee camp in Maryland County and operating from an island known as Daylekan on the Cavalla River.

However, when questioned by police, the suspects said they are finding other means of sustaining themselves as support to refugees fades out.

But Mr. The said local  dwellers said the movement of the men was suspicious and asked the police to probe to  avoid a dissident  attack  on  neighboring La  Cote d'Ivoire  to  the embarrassment  of the Liberian government.

This has prompted the deployment of ERU officers in the area to get to the root of the matter, the police officer said.

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