LIBERIA: Nimba Commissioners Want Motorbikes Budgeted For In 2013

The 17 Commissioners of Nimba County have asked the Nimba Project Management Committee (PMC) to procure the motorbikes budgeted for during the 2013 County Council sitting.

The commissioners made the demand Friday during a day-long consultative meeting initiated by the Chairman of the Project Management Committee held in the Superintendent’s Office in Sanniquellie.
Speaking on behalf of the Commissioners Council of Nimba, the Commissioner of Buu Yao administrative district, Daniel Zekpeh, said transportation remains a major constraint to the effective operations of district commissioners, including the monitoring of ongoing projects in their respective districts.

In response, the PMC Chairman Clinton Layweh attributed delay in purchasing the motorbikes to the hike in the budgeted prices of motorbikes from the US$4,000 proposed during the 2013 County Council to US$4,750 USD on the Liberian market.

The 17 commissioners, city majors and superintendents, who attended the meeting, immediately empowered the PMC through a resolution to use portion of each districts’ development fund to purchase of the motorbikes in question.

However, the PMC chairman disclosed at the forum that out of the US$2.5million budget projected by the County Council, the national government only disbursed 1.5million, a situation which, he observed, is seriously hindering the implementation of development projects of the county.

The forum was designed to review resolutions reached during the last County Council sitting, give an overview of the complete implementation of development projects during the year under review, and the continuation of the Nimba US$100,000 scholarship program.

The County Council is the highest decision making body, comprising a cross-section of the citizens, that decides on how monies allotted in the National Budget under the County Development Fund (CDF) is used in the county.

The PMC is the implementation arm of the Council.

The Council and PMC are bodies created to oversee the application of the CDF, which is an annual allocation of funds by government and concessions to carry out development projects.

Complimenting the CDF is the Social Development Fund (SDF), which is annual contribution, made by concessions operating in a county to support development project decided by the County Council. 

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