LIBERIA: Dr. Jones Stresses Bank’s Commitment To Fight Poverty – Pull Huge Crowds In Zorzor

The Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones has pledged his Bank’s support to holistically fight the disease of poverty in Liberia, and urged all Liberians to publicly reject and fight against what he called tribalism in the Liberian society.

He noted that the only message for the future of Liberia is about national unity and not tribalism, noting, ““We have a common destiny. In other words, the 15 counties, we are all joined together, and no matter what anybody say or do, that can’t be changed,” said Dr. Jones.

“Lofa cannot say we are going right and Montserrado says we are going left while Sinoe says we will remain standstill. We must respect our heritage. There is value in diversity where everybody brings their own ideas. We must stand firm in saying no to the destructive politics of tribalism,” he stated.
The CBL Executive Governor spoke recently in Zorzor District, Lofa County when he served as keynote speaker at program marking the installation of officials elect of the District Development Committee (DDC), the Youth Congress and the Women Congress of Zorzor District, Lofa County.

He pointed out that tribalism is the last stronghold for those who don’t have any idea for their people, and those who want to lead, but don’t know their way out.

“Such individuals worship in political temples built on sinking sand and they pray on political alters built on the dust bin of history. They have no message and they have no vision. And so, we don’t have time for such people,” the CBL boss further pointed out amid tremendous applause from the audience.

Governor Jones said what Liberia needs is strong men and women who will raise their people from poverty, and not people who will preach destructive politics.

He urged Liberians of all worth of life to be agents of positive change if Liberia is to move forward at its greatest peak.

“We must be our brothers and sisters keepers. We have the responsibility as citizens to hold ourselves accountable and then the government accountable.” Dr. Jones mentioned.  

Dr. Jones furthered that the economy remains the major focus of the CBL, noting, that the Bank was committed to doing what it can within the limit of its mandate to make the positive difference in the lives of Liberians.

He stressed the need for concrete action in building a Liberian private sector, which according to him, is the basis for creating a strong middle class.

“We need a strong middle class for maintaining a stable democracy. The initiative of the Central Bank of Liberia to widen the space for Liberian businesses, to improve access to finance for our market women and men and for the poor people throughout the country has one purpose.

That purpose is to raise the standard of living of Liberians by giving them the opportunity to expand their role in the Liberian economy,” Dr. Jones highlighted.

“There is nothing wrong to use Liberians own resources to help fight poverty in Liberia. In other to get outside help, we ourselves must have the vision and will to bring about the desire transformation,” Governor Jones among other things added.

Meanwhile, the CBL governor was gowned by elders and chiefs of Zorzor and other Districts for his meaningful role played in empowering local Liberian businesses.

Speaking briefly on behalf of the chiefs and elders, Elder Forkpayea Argbah, who spoke through an interpreter, said the initiative of the CBL had in many ways helped improve the lives of ordinary business people.

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