LIBERIA: World Bank Provides US$100K To Digitalize Land Deeds

The World Bank has provided more than US$100,000 to the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA) to digitalize land deeds to ensure land tenure security in Liberia.

CNDRA Director-General, P. Bloh Sayeh, said the grant provided by the World Bank will assist the country to develop land tenure security through digitalization to prevent land conflict in Liberia.

Director Sayeh made the disclosure Tuesday in an interview with the Liberia News Agency at the CNDRA headquarters in Sinkor, near Monrovia.

She explained that the digital project would ensure that all land that has been sold is subtracted from the original deeds, which are the mother deeds.

She pointed out that the digital project funded by the World Bank will go a long way in preventing land conflict among the Liberian people; and that it also provides relevant information about land which has been sold or which has been tampered with in the country.

She said the connection of the fiber optic cable in the Archives building would provide quick access to internet services, to improve the digital process of land deeds and other documentation.

She further indicated that the National Archives has secured database in Indiana, the United States of America, and the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation, including the Archives own database for proper preservation of national documentation.     

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