China Union To Ship First Ore In February

The Deputy General Manager of China Union, Mr. Xing Ming Ding says the company will carry out its first shipment of iron ore in February this year.

 According to Mr. Xing, over 50,000 tons of iron ore will be shipped to the People’s Republic of China when the shipment starts.

Mr. Xing said in preparation for the shipment, China Union has begun transferring the ore to the Freeport of Monrovia and that the official ceremony to mark the first shipment will be held shortly in Monrovia.

He lauded the Liberian Government for creating the conducive business environment that allows investors to do business freely in the country.

According to the Liberia News Agency, Mr. Xing made the statement on Monday in Bong Mines at a program marking the official turning over of former Bong Mining Company staff quarters to China Union by the Liberian Government.

The Government of Liberia paid US$500 as relocation fee to about 827 family heads who were living in the buildings to enable them resettle elsewhere.

The payment of the relocation packages was in line with the concession agreement signed between the Government of Liberia and China Union which states that all assets of the former Bong Mining Company should be turned over to China Union, the successor company.

Meanwhile, Deputy Lands, Mines and Energy Minister for Operations Sam Russ, who served as proxy for the Minister, assured China Union of Government’s fullest cooperation and protection in their operations.

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