Women Bank in Europe Delegation Visits Liberia

 A delegation of women representing the Women Bank in Europe has arrived in Liberia on a working visit.

The head of the delegation, Mrs. Elizabeth Rent, told journalists that the delegation is in Liberia to inspect the projects the organization is undertaking in Liberia.

She said a group of women in Finland working with the Women Bank in Europe saw the needs of Liberian women decided to lend a helping hand.

She said projects included micro-loans to Liberian women to start small businesses and a poultry farm producing chicken and eggs in Margibi County, which was funded by the Women Bank group.

Mrs. Rent said the Finish women want to encourage Liberian women to become entrepreneurs so that they can become self-reliant.

She said the group has extended loans to 250 Liberian women who are engaged in small businesses and that they will repay the loan with small interest.

According to Mrs. Rent, another 700 Liberian women have received loans for education under the Women Bank Educational Loans Program to encourage women in Liberia to go to school.

She observed that the Finnish women were investing in education in Liberia which has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world, so that this profile of the country can be changed.

Mrs. Rent said 90 percent of the women who took loans to go to school are Liberian refugees who recently returned from the Ivory Coast.

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