Youth Appeals to Guinea, Liberia To Build Yeala Bridge

A youth of Yeala Town in Zorzor District, Lofa County, Farris Godoe, is appealing to the Liberian and Guinean governments to collaborate and construct a modern bridge over the Muniyea River that constitutes the boundary between the two countries.

The Muniyea River links Zorzor and Salayea Districts in Liberia to Koiyanma sub-Prefecture and other parts of Guinea.

Speaking in an interview with the Liberia News Agency in Yeala Town recently, Godoe said he was making the appeal because the wooden bridge over the Muniyea River has outlived its usefulness and is becoming risky for trucks and other heavy duty vehicles using the bridge.

The bridge, he emphasized, needed to be immediately replaced with a concrete bridge.

Godoe said the wooden bridge, which serves as an economic gateway for both countries, got damaged during the Liberian civil conflict, and was reconstructed with planks in 2005 by citizens of Yeala Town.

He said poles and planks used to repair the bridge in 2005 have all been damaged by the water, and stressed the need for both governments to join forces and construct a modern concrete bridge.

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