LIBERIA: CHICO, Constructions Company of The Year

Our Construction Company of the year is a Chinese Construction Company, the China Henan International Cooperation Group or CHICO, a company that has been making lots progress in the reconstruction of Liberia’s dilapidated roads network.

This Company has been graded high over the years by Liberians and foreign residents for its professional handling of the construction of Liberia’s damaged bridges and roads including the construction of the new state-of-the earth Caldwell Bridge on the Stockton Creek River which connects the township of Caldwell to Bushrod Island.

Its landmarks professional services to the Liberian people has graciously won the hearts of many thus selecting this Chinese Company as our Construction Company of the year – 2013; its numerous services have been appreciated by Liberians from all works of Life, including the nation’s foreign residents.

Presentation of the Award to this company by the Global News Network will be done in the coming week with the presence of local and international media groups.

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