20 army forces killed, injured in terrorist attack in Niger

TEHRAN,  (MNA) – Niger’s defense ministry in a statement announced that in the attack of 50 terrorists on a military post near the border with Chad, 14 soldiers of this country’s army were wounded and 6 other soldiers were killed.

17 terrorists were killed as well, according to the reports.

Following the terrorist attack, the armed forces of Niger, after patrolling the area, discovered and confiscated some weapons and ammunition of the terrorists and succeeded in reacting to their attack in time.

This is the second terrorist attack in the southeast of Niger in the last three days.

On Sunday, a Niger soldier was killed in an attack launched by members of the Boko Haram group in near Nigeria.

In April, Niger’s parliament approved the entry of foreign forces, especially French military forces, to fight terrorism in the country.


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