2 Health Ministry Employees Detained In Sierra Leone Allegedly Upon Orders Of Health Minister, Dr. Jallah

By Our Staff

Samuel G. Taih (Minister’s Chief Driver) and Ben Pabie Chief Security

GNN has independently gathered that two employees of the Liberia Ministry of Health have been placed behind bars in Sierra Leone at the Kambia Detail in the Northern Province of the country which borders with the Republic of Guinea to the North, Port Loko district to the South and Bombali district to the East. Kambia town allegedly by the orders of Liberia’s Health Minister, Dr. Dr. Wilhemina S. Jallah.

According to sources closed to this outlet, the Chief Security at the Ministry of Health, Ben Pable and the Chief Driver to the Minister, Samuel G. Tiah; were arrested early this week by the Interpol in collaboration with the Sierra Leonean security.

According to our source, both men were ordered arrest while traveling in Gray Pickup with plate number A63698, and have since been in detention reportedly for the past three days without food nor water in the Kambia detention cell, awaiting further instruction from the Liberian Health Minister.

Other sources closed to the GNN have revealed that one of the employees currently in detention prior to his unceremoniously departure took away two motorbikes of the ministry which were never returned before leaving the country.

In order to ascertain this information, several calls were placed to the Ministry of Health Director of communication, Madam Felecia Gbesioh without response, also several text messages were sent to her regarding this information, up to present there has been no reply.

Investigation continues

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