Flash Back: Baby drowning

18-Month-old baby drowns to death in Nimba County

18 month old baby was found dead after getting drowned in the stream near the Bypass Community on Thursday, December 7, 2023. The incident took place in Tappita City, Nimba.

As per the reports, The Baby named Sampson Bueh drowned while he had followed his mother to a neighbour’s house for palm nuts.

On finding the baby’s body, the residents from the nearby areas called the county Police. They responded to the call immediately and spoke to the baby’s family. They even questioned the baby’s mother and other family members to rule out Beuhlay.

Speaking to Little Sampson’s mother, Patricia Bueh, she shared that she has come to Beuhley with her second child to seek medical attention at the Jackson Fiah Doe Hospital.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police in Nimba County has sent a 15-man coroner jury to investigate the case. The Police started researching the case to collect evidence from the nearby people.

They even investigated the baby’s family, including his mother and family members, to check if the incident was actual or foul play.

Currently, the Police and officials don’t have any clue or lead into the case. However, the investigation continues. The reports from the jurors indicated that there was no foul play. Little Sampson died as a result of drowning.

The Police have claimed that Children at that age are said to be troublesome mothers and parents. However, they urged everyone to be careful of their ward’s safety, especially while treating them at home.

The Liberia National Police have also urged the people to be careful and keep the kids away from harmful substances or the environment.

They also paid their warm feelings and sympathy to the bereaved family in Tappita.

Moreover, after the update was posted on social media, the comment section under the post was filled with grief and shock immediately. Several netizens took to their social media handles and expressed condolences to Sampson’s family.

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