176th Orator, Chief Zanzan Karwah Accused Of Preaching Anti-Peace Messages Ahead October 10

Recent speech delivered by the National Traditional Council Chairman, Chief Zanzan Karwah as Liberia’s 176th Independence Day Orator seems not to go down well with the opposition community ahead of the October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections, describing the oration as ‘Divisive’.

Nearly all of the opposition political parties have publicly condemned the Traditional leader for his oration who they noted did not portray peace and unity, but rather focus on promoting the ruling CDC-led government of President Weah.

The National Democratic Coalition (NDC) has sharply reacted to Liberia’s 176 Independence Day national orator’s speech, describing it as divisive, and a misrepresentation of historical facts.

According to the NDC’s press release, it condemned Chief Zanzan Kawah’s speech as a pre-planned occasion focused on a pre-campaign show to satisfy the naked quest of Liberia’s footballing president, George M. Weah’s desperation for a second term of office. The NDC contends that such a misrepresentation of historical facts constitutes a recipe for reawakening the “Congo-Country” divide in Liberia. Such a justification of the administrative uselessness of the Weah administration only serves to undermine progress and development in Liberia.

The release further disagreed with the orator’s assertion that opposition leaders are not helping to develop the nation, but rather criticizing the government. NDC notes that nowhere in the world is it the responsibility of opposition parties to develop a nation, as insinuated and craved by the orator. Rather, citizens (inclusive of opposition figures) pay taxes to the government. It then becomes the responsibility of the government to use such monies to develop the country and the people. Instead, the Weah administration is using taxes paid by citizens for personal gains to the detriment of the Liberian people.

The NDC reminded the orator that whilst there are no direct political prisoners within the context of his oration, however, Zanzan Kawah ignores the fact that the Weah administration depends on political intimidation to suppress the opposition and misuses power to interfere with press freedom. Chief Zanzan Kawah further exposes his opportunism when he deliberately chooses to ignore the glaring insecurity in Liberia, the high unemployment, the blatant corruption, the unbearable poverty, the extra-judicial killings under the Weah government, the promotion of drug culture and illegal dealing in firearms, as well as the suppression of the exercise of liberty at the various government ministries, agencies and/or commissions.

It is unbelievable to see an independent day orator ignore the important roles that education and educated people have played in the establishment and evolution of Liberia; only for the purpose of ascribing to George Weah the wrong praise of “best president since the foundation of Liberia”. It is clear for all to see that under the Weah-led administration, not much has been done to bring happiness to ordinary Liberian people.

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