A Plea for calm in Margibi!!

By Abel Plackie |

Margibians, please, let’s accept and work with those nominated by the President and move our county forward and stop the fight. See how the streets are dirty, nothing is working in the county because of argument and counter attacks and greed.

So, whether people were single-handedly recommended or not; or someone’s name was swapped, or perhaps, people were Nicodemusly recommended for appointments; one thing you should know, those being preferred to serve are not better than you; and will never be no matter what.

Be patient, and keep engaging the the process constructively; what for you will come no matter what’s happening today .The fact that the president did not also reject those recommended, there’s nothing you can do about it. Besides, those nominated are also Margibians and not foreigners.

Everything has time! Violence is not the way.

Don’t forget, it’s the President’s exclusive prerogative to hire and dismiss at any time according to the 1986 Liberian constitution.  Let’s respect that.  He doesn’t have to consult anyone before any appointments. What he did by consulting different stakeholders was just out of curtesy and deep respect.  That was an opportunity, and not a right.

We all cannot serve at the same time in one county despite our individual and collective significance contributions that made H.E. Amb. Joseph Nyuma BOAKAI, President and JKK, Vice President respectively.  We made our case to serve the county with dignity but the President felt otherwise and considered some one else. So, we move on. The world has not ended.

To those preferred at this time by President BOAKAI, congratulations! Go and serve with integrity, productivity, accountability and transparency. To him much is given, much is required.

I am pleading with you, (Margibians)to let go. We all got serious issues, but Margibi is bigger than any of us.  Better days are ahead!

Long live the great people of Margibi!!!

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