Dr. Lester D. Tenny, advocating for the expulsion of President Weah

Some Executives Of Ruling CDC Want President Weah Expelled


Some Executives Of Ruling CDC Want Weah Expel

GNN-Liberia along with other media outlets have gathered cogent information for the expulsion of the political leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), and the outgoing Liberia President, George Manneh Weah for reasons best known to the executives.

According to the report, amidst the disenchantments, the authoritative Independent Probe Newspaper last week reported of an imminent planned to expel President George Manneh Weah, as political leader of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) after open outburst by key executives of his party shifting blames on President Weah for his acceptance of the runoff election without consultation.

According to several Executives spoken to, admitted that reported expulsion planned of President George Manneh Weah, from the CDC is alive and consultation were well on course.

This week, President George M. Weah sharply reacted to the report of his expulsion by saying, “No need to expel me,” in a contrast to his earlier statement on acceptance night to recalibrate and return in 2029.

President Weah stated that speculations within his Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of plans by party officials to expel him from the CDC following his defeat at the polls on November 14, emphatically stated that Liberians will reject any candidate the CDC puts forward in 2029 without him as its Standard Bearer.

Last week Sunday, President George Weah, told his congregation at the Foky Klon Family Church, that ‘there was no need for the CDC hierarchies to go through the troubles of expelling him, rather they can simply say they don’t want him on the party’s ticket as standard bearer in 2029 and he will gladly serve as an advisor’.

The outgoing President furthermore warned CDCians who are opting to expel him that the Liberian people will reject any candidate the CDC put forward other than him being the face of the party.

“What I’m hearing about expelling me from the party that I will not be Standard-bearer. Listen, you don’t need to expel me from the party. All you can do is just tell me, my man, we don’t want you to be our party Standard-bearer again, I will understand and serve as an Advisor. But you can bring whosoever you want to bring and see if the Liberian people will vote for that person.” Weah added.

Additionally, President Weah maintained that if the CDC brings somebody as its political leader and standard bearer in 2029, he would be more willing to step back as an Advisor.

The President recounted in 2014 when the party decided not to carry him as its Standard-bearer and they brought Winston Tubman, yet he remained with the party and served as advisor.

”In 2014, you told me that you were bringing Mr. Tubman, I never had a problem. I gave him a chance and I served as advisor. Today, if you bring anybody, I will not have problem, I will be an advisor. But, with all that you will still come to me for support. You had Standard-bearer in 2014, but I was the one supporting the party,” Weah concluded.

In November 2023, weeks following President Weah’s acceptance of the runoff election results, an executive of the Party Dr. Lester D. Tenny vetted his anger at President Goerge Weah by calling him an ’ungrateful man’.

President Weah is the Founder and Financier of the CDC but in a recent conversation with Spoon FM, Dr. Tenny vowed that never again will Mr. Weah be allowed to run or contest on the CDC ticket as its Standard-bearer in 2029 and beyond.

“I have read in several Newspapers and even listened to radios where I heard President Weah blaming the Executive Committee of the Party for the defeat and describing the Executive Committee as insincere. Quote me; President Weah will never be the Standard-bearer of the CDC again.” Dr. Tenny noted.

To support Dr. Tenny’s resolve, sanctioned Secretary General of the CDC, Jefferson Tamba Koijee, speaking on the way forward for the CDC disclosed that there were ongoing conversation and consultation with the Alternative National Congress (ANC) of former Coco-cola Executive Alexander B. Cummings to form a stronger opposition alliance.

Appearing on Voice of Liberia live morning talk show, Koijee said their party is in conversation with Mr. Cummings to build a stronger opposition alliance to keep the feet of President-elect, (Joseph) Boakai to the fire.

“We are having conversations with the ANC and the CPP by extension, to bring the parties together to build a stronger opposition alliance. With this alliance, we will keep the feet of the government-elect to the fire. And so, we are having conversations with Mr. Cummings and other political parties to build a stronger opposition alliance for 2029,” Koijee confirmed

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