Bolivia Keeps Opposition Leader in Jail Amid Probe. (Photo Internet reproduction)

Bolivia Keeps Opposition Leader in Jail Amid Probe

Bolivian courts have lengthened the detention of opposition leader and Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho by an additional three months.

He will stay in Chonchocoro prison in La Paz. This case is tied to Evo Morales’ 2019 exit as President.

Prosecutors argued for 90 more days in a virtual hearing. They want extra time to gather evidence and continue the probe.

Lidia Patty, a former lawmaker, supported the extension. She worked with the Public Ministry to bring the case forward.

New witnesses have shared key details about the 2019 crisis. Camacho’s lawyer plans to ask for his release after a health check.

On April 26, courts added five new charges against Camacho. These include seducing troops and public instigation.

Camacho was first arrested on December 28 last year in Santa Cruz. He played a big role in the movement that led to Morales stepping down.

Morales left office in 2019 amid election concerns and fraud claims.

Camacho then went to a high-security prison about 36 kilometers from La Paz. His initial jail term was four months.

That term was later lengthened by another four months till August 30. Today’s decision is the second extension, set to end in late November.

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