𝐀 message From Massa Dopoh Aspirant District -14 Montserrado County -2023

I’ve decided to carry on an EXPLORATION with the potential possibility of contesting the election in Montserrado County, District-14th.

At this moment in our District’s history, our people deserve better and will demand better. It is a fact that the current representative is not in our people’s BEST INTEREST, our district’s BEST INTEREST, and our Children’sWELFARE!

Due to the lack of good leadership over the years and even worse now, the same folks who once begged our people for votes have turned them into “extreme beggars”. Our people fear them so much to demand good leadership and hold them accountable to their campaign promises.

Gone are those days when “trucking voters” will decide for District 14th. #NOMORE!  She said.

The 2023 Competition will give voters the option. My goal is to EDUCATE and help the district to demand more and hold candidates including myself during and after the electoral process accountable for campaign promises.

Henceforth, if there’s anyone competent to deliver District 14th from impoverished to prosperity and provide a better future for our younger children, it’s ME-Massa Dopoh.

If there’s anyone who understands the tribal sentiments in our district, it’s Me-Massa Dopoh.

If there’s anyone who can hold the current lawmaker and government accountable and demand the district’s best interest, it’s ME-Massa Dopoh.

If there’s anyone who understands the values, worth, and dignity of our people and district, it’s Me-Massa Dopoh.

If there’s anyone who  can unite our district as it relates to tribalism and religion conflicts and giving everyone a fair share of development and and the provision of basic resources, it’s ME-Massa Dopoh. Etc etc!

I don’t need to tell my story because it’s written there in BOLD LETTERS but if I’m prompted to do so and if my story is misinterpreted, I’ll provide the actual story!


Brief Bio of Massa Dopoh:

Massa Dopoh was born and raised in District 14th, Clara Town, Monrovia-Liberia.

Academically, Ms. Dopoh has a Master of social work degree from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota-2019; a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development and Family Science from North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota-2015; Bachelor of Social work from Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota-2015; and an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Center, MN-2011.

Ms. Dopoh  is up to date with professional development trainings and certificates. She completed an AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Training and has a Scrum Master Certificate training program.

Massa is the  co-owner of All in One Consultancy, a consulting company that provides professional consultancy for small businesses and individuals in the areas of non- profit, for profit,  development and management, immigration, welfare services, etc.

Massa is known as one of the biggest achievements in District 14th and for the people of District 14th. She has worked with the community in many positive ways over the years, by making sure every child has a good upbringing and a brighter future. Massa’s ambitious journey is centered around the welfare of children and less privileged people. Her passion to see every child is afforded the opportunity to learn and grow motivated her to author two books titled, Evidence-Based Intervention Approach to Addressing Early Childhood Education in Liberia and Make Every Moment a Learning Time for Kids.

Massa’s friends referred to her as “Ambitious Tayo, the one who empowers others in a very positive way. They believed in her, and the district and the people of District 14th believed in her leadership. Massa Dopoh has accepted the mandate to address the many challenges facing her people and the district. Massa is prepared to give a RENEWABLE FUTURE FOR DISTRICT 14th, Montserrado County.

Whether or not, I win the election, it is a fight for a RENEWABLE FUTURE FOR  DISTRICT 14th Monrovia-Liberia.

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