Are Assassins In Town?

The Nightmare of Auditors: Peters, Lama, Fahnboto and Nyeswua

The countless mysterious deaths seem to be drawing more questions than answers, especially from the nation’s integrity institutions where less than three weeks four persons have died strangely, a situation many Liberians are pondering as to whether these unwanted acts are being committed by assassins.

As Liberians wonder over these situation, information gathered by the GNN from unconfirmed multiple sources over the weekend seems to be suggesting that the mysterious deaths of auditors from the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) may be linked to the works of assassins.

The death of Albert Peters and Gifty Asmah Lama senior auditors of the LRA, and George Fhanboto auditor at the same agency died in a car accident few days following the death of Peters and Lama, and now the death of another official of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua who reported said dropped dead upon reaching his 72nd community residence after haven a drink with some of his colleagues.

The first were three auditors of the LRA, with two dying mysteriously in a packed vehicle in central Monrovia, as police is yet to release findings as to what actually led to the mysterious death of Albert Peters and Gifty Asmah Lama, while the other, George Fahnboto of the Large Tax Division was also died in a motor accident.

Our sources also viewed that the death of the two senior auditors of the LRA in a vehicle without any  trace  may surmise that the alleged killer or killers did their job professionally as assassins who may have been hired to do a piece of job without a single trace. Up to present, the Liberia National Police is yet to come out and tell the public as to what actually led to the death of the two senior officials of the LRA.

While the bereaved families of the two officials of the LRA were still mourning the deaths of their love ones, another auditor of the LRA was also reported dead from what was described as a motor accident, again the public are still pondering over such incident, while at the same time calling on the police to go beyond in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

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