As Millions Of US Dollars Reportedly Missing At MFDP, Officials Say Steps Are Been Taken After Arrest Of Several

It has been reported by a local online outlet that the Finance and Development Planning Ministry authorities have taken further steps in the wake of a busted syndicate in which millions have been reported missing.

Briefing reporters last week at a well-attended press conference last week, the Comptroller-General of Liberia, Janga A. Kowo, disclosed and further confirmed a reported serious financial syndicate in the millions which he noted that has been around for years.

The country’s Comptroller-General also disclosed that his ministry has uncovered missing millions discoveries begin evidently clear following a vagarious monitoring policy adopted by this office on various government of Liberia accounts currently at commercial Banks across the country.

The astute financial management expert explained that several persons from the department of financial management and compliance are now being in rounded up for investigation by the National Security Agency.

Janga Kowo stated that Minister Samuel Tweah has been duly informed with ongoing investigation in order to established the extend of the syndicate which robed the government of Liberia out of millions in revenue.

However, latest information gathered by a local media outlet, has disclosed that  apart from earlier six million Liberian dollars discovered to have gone missing; an additional one hundred and thirty-right thousand United States dollars was also discovered to be diverted from the government ‘Unapplied account’, at the GN Bank Liberia Limited.

Sources told IPNews that disbursements of signed checks were encashed by several persons at the Clara Town breach of the GN Bank.

It may recaleld, the authoritative Independent Probe has reliably gathered that the worst coordinated syndicate  has been initiated leaving to the disappearance of over six million Liberian dollars from the government of Liberia ‘Unapplied Account’, at the GN Bank Liberia Limited.

According to highly placed sources within GN Bank and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, MFDP, the syndicate was mastermind by some senior officials of the MFDP, particularly within  the office of the Comptroller General, Hon. Janga A. Kowo.

Impeachable sources informed IPNews that the amount of six million Liberian was illegally withdrew from the GOL Account at different intervals from the government of Liberia ‘unapplied Account’, situated at the GN Bank.

The unapplied Account is a government was created address challenges faced by government employees with discrepancy arousing from double payment or promotion which were not capture.

Usually checks are written to individual government employee who may have been wrongfully left out of salary payment within a given period and encashment done at the unapplied account.

Those arrested for investigation into the National Security Agency-NSA, raid are Emmanuel Togba, Breach Coordinator, GN Bank head-Office; including all Bank Tellers at the Clara Town breach of the GN Bank.

Others arrested and are undergoing investigation from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning-MFDP, include: Lorpu Sworh, Director of Treasury, Emmanuel Bryant, and others identified as Alexander and Molubah. Information gathered from security sources say this ‘misapplied account’, has not been audited annually as required by the Public Financial Management law of Liberia, for the past two years.

When contacted, GN Bank Managing Director, Joseph K. Anim, confirmed to IPNews on the arrest and investigation of some of its employees but denied the Bank’s involvement into a syndicate. MD Anim told IPNews that the Bank internal audit department is currently investigating circumstances leading to the alleged disappearance of the six million Liberian dollars without tracking or trace. He stated that employees have all been turnover to their lawyers, to be call back as investigation progress.

Investigation continues.

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