NUCFDC Develop a Concept Books for affected logging community in Liberia

By Emmanuel Mafelah |

NUCFDC, head of Secretariat, Zelemen

In an effort to provide equality understanding on the forestry law of Liberia, the National Union of Community Forestry Development Committee (NUCFDC) has developed a concept books for effected communities in the country.

The National Union of Community Forestry Development Committee represents all of the communities that have been affected by logging in Temba sale contract areas and Forestry management contract areas of Liberia.

NUCFDC aim is to ensure that those communities that have been affected by logging companies benefit from the natural recourses.

The organization further helps Strengthen Community Capacity to monitor and benefits from commercial logging companies in Liberia.

Speaking to journalists recently in Gbarnga, Bong County about the important of the books to the Liberian Forester sector, the national facilitator and head of Secretariat of the NUCFDC, Andrew Y.Y. Zeleman said the book will empower the community forestry development committee and the community management body with knowledge and understanding on the forester laws of the country.

“You know these groups are operating under the forester reform law and its regulation, so this book is there to help them understand the forester issue in the country.”

He further said the book will indoctrinate community’s dwellers on their right and responsibility as well as the companies operating in the country.

Mr. Zeleman said the book was done in partnership with their international partner ‘Client Earth’ a law firm in the United Kingdom and ‘Heritage Partner Associate of Liberia’ a law firm.

He said these organizations have been helping the community forestry development committee with law that relates to forester and land issue in the country.

Mr. Zeleman said this concept book contain the land right act, the forester reform law, the forestry development authority law, the environmental protection agency law and other regulation that relates to the forester governance in Liberia.

He further told this paper that this new concept books is title ‘green book’

He at the same time said this book will help sustaining the various communities that have been affected by logging activity in the country, because community dwellers will be aware of their right and responsibility.

According to him, members of the community forestry development committee have become lawyer by themselves, because they are now quoting these various laws in the book to their local authorities and the management of the various companies that are operating in their area.

The NUCFDC national facilitator and head of Secretariat boastfully said gone are those days when members of the affected logging and Temba communities has to go to lawyers  to interpret law to them, adding but now they don’t have to go to lawyers to interpret these laws.

He said by reading the book they can become lawyer by themselves.

Mr. Zelemen further revealed that the NUCFDC is an umbrella organization that represents twenty-three affected communities grouping called Community Forestry Development Committee which are base in eleven of the fifteen counties in the country.

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