HFHI, Cities Alliance, SA, GOL Begins a 4-Day Working Session -To Facilitating Increased Access to Affordable Housing

Gathering at the National Housing Authority

The Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), Cities Alliance, and Slum Dwellers International (SDI) through its local partners-The YMCA of Liberia, UN-Habitat, Federation of Petty Traders and Informal Workers Union of Liberia (FEPTIWUL on Monday May 21, 2018 begun  4-day working session in  the NHA’s conference room in Monrovia to  Facilitate Increased Access to Affordable Housing through Inclusive Market Approaches.

It is been led by National Housing Authority (NHA) in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI),

The participants at the ceremony included representatives of the Liberia Country Program, including Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), Cities Alliance, and Slum Dwellers International (SDI) through its local partners-The YMCA of Liberia, UN-Habitat, Federation of Petty Traders and Informal Workers Union of Liberia (FEPTIWUL).

Other key stakeholders that are  participating in the program include the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Local Government Authorities, South African Embassy, Liberia Land Authority (LLA), The Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as leading private companies and professionals with innovative affordable housing solutions, financial service providers and slum communities within “greater” Monrovia.

Gather at the Ministry of Internal Affairs

According to Habitat for Humanity International’s Chief of Party Mr. Mathew Ndote, the four-day program marks the start of the second phase of the HFHI project, funded by Cities Alliance under a larger comprehensive city development project – the Liberia Country Program since July 2016/17.

The program offers a great opportunity for government, development partners and private sector communities to contribute towards increased access to affordable housing through inclusive market approach with the ultimate goal to realize sustainable, safe, adequate and affordable shelter for majority vulnerable and low-income households in Liberia in line with the Government of Liberia’s “pro-poor agenda”.

Key activities which will constitute discussions with GOL ministries include a visit to slum communities and initial discussions with private sector firms to scan existing innovative and affordable housing designs, technologies, and construction materials in the country.

Additionally, discussions between the Liberia National Housing Authority and South African government representatives are expected to lead to actualization of a cooperation agreement between NHA and the Department of Human Housing of the Republic of South Africa.

Another important outcome of the week include a memorandum of understanding between NHA and HFHI for implementation of capacity building, policy support and implementation of selected components of the project.

Speaking at the start of the program HFHI Chief of Party Mathew Ndote said the Slum Upgrading and affordable housing framework created in 2017 provides a platform for all stakeholders, government and donors to support the implementation of additional interventions.

Mr. Ndote said Habitat for Humanity recognizes the initiative of the government to establish a slum-upgrading unit within NHA and confirmed that HFHI plans to implement its shelter projects through NHA as a long-term sustainable strategy.

He told the gathering that Habitat for Humanity has made a strategic choice to work with the government, through NHA and bring greater Monrovia’s slum dwellers into the national development process and contribute to improving the poor living and housing conditions of the majority poor, recorded close to about seventy percent of the population in Monrovia.

For his part, the Managing Director at the National Housing Authority (NHA), Duannah Siryon, lauded the Habitat for Humanity International for their initiatives and pledged government full commitment in their endeavor.

He said that the Liberia leader was very concern land serious in improving the lives of people living in slum communities through the country.

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