Pilgrims Church Elect First Bishop in Liberia

Rev. Momo Bracewell

The Pilgrims of God Church International have elected its first Bishop since foundation on November 15, 1997.

The coronation of Rev. Momo Bracewell took place on December 16, 2017 at the Pilgrims of God Cathedral, Raymond field, Airfield New road, Sinkor making him Bishop since its establishment.

The Pilgrims of God Church Intl. which started as a prayer group with 10 persons in the living room of one of its late elder Massa K. Dennis have been in existence for over 21 years now in Liberia and has planted nine other Churches.

The Pilgrims of God Church is a spirit filled Church that also establish a school as part of its plan in helping to educate our youthful population, is planning to open a Clinic to help eradicate illnesses and a radio station to inform and reach the gospel to people in the  hinterland in Liberia. Pilgrims of God Church Intl. has embarked on several community projects such as road rehabilitation, scholarship programs community outreach etc.

The Bishop Momo Bracewell, overseer of Pilgrims of God Church Intl., was born in Harbel, Firestone on to the union of the Late Toney and Irene Bracewell (still alive) in 1967.  Bishop Momo Bracewell is a graduate of the B.W. Harris Episcopal High School and the University of Liberia. Bishop Bracewell holds a BSc degree in Management, and also AA and BA degree in Theology.

He also holds MSc in Regional Development at the University of Liberia. Bishop Bracewell also earned certificates from the School of Ministry and a Diploma in Shipping Management in Ghana. Bishop Bracewell got born again in Ivory Coast after he fled from Liberia during the civil war.

Bishop Momo Bracewell is happily married to Rev.  Georgette D. Bracewell and is blessed with three spirit filled children and many spiritual children. Bishop Bracewell have also serve in many local and international position and is a blessed man of God.

The program was grace by some well-meaning Bishops and Man of God both international and Liberia. The coronation was perform by The Rt. Rev. Dr. Victor Hinds, International Missions Director of W.A.R. Chief Consecrator, Bishop George D. Harris of Philadelphia Central Church, Congo town Co-Consecrator, Bishop Dr. Issac Winker of Dominion Christian Fellowship Center, in Liberia Co-Consecrator,   Rt. Rev. Dr. Vaden O. Grant, Assistant International Missions Director of W.A.R., Co-Consecrator, Bishop Dr. M. Wolo Belleh, Co-Consecrator, Bishop J. Maxwell She  Sr. Co-Consecrator , Bishop J. Allan Klayee, Co-Consecrator  and Bishop Nathaniel Zarway, Greater Refuge Temple, W.A.R. USA among other.

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