Liberty Party Political Leader, Charles Brumskine Congratulates President-Elect George Weah

Charles Walker Brumskine

Liberty Party (LP) presidential candidate, Charles Walker Brumskine has congratulated Senator George Weah for is ascendancy as the 24th President of Liberia, below is the full text of Cllr. Brumskine statement:

A short time ago, I spoke with Senator Weah and congratulated him on his election as President of Liberia. I also reiterated Liberty Party’s commitment to work with the new administration to bring about reconciliation and overall development of our country.

I want to thank the partisans and supporters of Liberty Party for the tremendous effort made during this campaign season. Mrs. Brumskine and I are grateful, and we pray God’s blessings upon you and your family for the sacrifices made. We did not achieve our ultimate goal of winning the election but we fought a good fight and left an indelible mark on the history of our electoral process. But we must now leave behind the scars that come with hectic campaign politics and focus on mending relationships, growing capabilities and improving this Sweet Land of Liberty. I urge all supporters and partisans of Liberty Party to offer their support to the new administration, so that our country may have a chance of overcoming our national challenges.

Once again, on behalf of Liberty Party, I congratulate President-Elect Weah, Vice President Elect Jewel Howard-Taylor, and the Coalition for Democratic Change for their victory. 

Meanwhile, pursuant to Article VI of the Constitution and Bylaws of Liberty Party, the position of Standard Bearer of Liberty Party, and consequently, the position of Vice Standard Bearer, ceases to exist effective December 31, 2017.

The undersigned will act as Political Leader of the Party, pending a Special Convention, which shall be held within the next six months. The Undersigned will convene a meeting of the National Executive Council during the month of February 2018, to prepare for the Special Convention.

Giving the conclusion of our campaign, the existence of the Campaign Committee naturally expires, along with all positions associated therewith.


Political Leader/Standard Bearer


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