Muslim Youth Recommends Setting Up of independent Commission -To Investigate Electoral Irregularities

Mr. Abdullah A. Nuah, Secretary General Consortium of Muslim Youth Organization

By Robert Dixon|

The Consortium of Muslim Youth Organization is   recommending the amendment of the Elections law for the setting up of an independent commission clothed with the authority to investigate electoral irregularities, and frauds to ensure unbiased justice and eradicate the unnecessary waste of time as it is no longer wise that the Elections Commission investigates itself on electoral issues.

The Muslim Youth group in a New Conference here at its Headquarters on November 29, 2017 in Via Town on Wednesday and read by its Secretary General Mr. Abdullah A. Nuah noted that   The Constitutional adjudication of the stalemate is rested upon the shoulders of the Supreme Court.

“We therefore urge the court to remain independent of any influence whatsoever other than the influence of the affluence of legal provisions provided for within the Constitution” He said.

Mr. Nuah stressed that the court should be seen independent and, should appear independent and should and also be independent in rendering her opinion in such a volatile situation.

He stressed that the massive irregularities observed during the October 10th elections call for serious concerns and it is the obligation of the elections commission to seek proper closure of the process.

Mr. Nuah said that the consequences of the Elections Commission’s mistakes should not be suffered by some political parties while others benefit immensely.

According to him, the expeditious but constitutional adjudication of this impasse is crucial so as to avoid any interim arrangement or constitutional gap within our governance system.

“Depending on how the Supreme Court rules, if the October 10th election is inclusively annulled, the legislature will be void of the House of Representatives which make it constitutionally incomplete thus an incomplete or unconstitutional government.  Such situation may therefore call for a specially arranged government which will be difficult to setup” He indicated.

Mr. Nuah then pray that the court  pay keen attention to every aspect of this matter as well as the consequences of whatever opinion it may render noting that the function of the Supreme Court is to render its opinion on constitutional matters but not to create constitutional gaps.

Mr. Nuah  who is also the Chairman/Coalition of Islamic Youth Organizations in Liberia (CIYOL) used the occasion to  ask all Liberians to brace themselves in readiness to accept whatever opinion rendered by the Honorable Supreme Court as opinions from the Court are final and constitutionally binding on all.

“It is high time that we say a very big thank you to the major political actors of the land for making use of the law to resolve such critical issue as the outcome of the October 10th elections” He stated.

He furthered Commend the Liberty Party for its constant use of the rule of law to resolve its grievances instead of other violent means at its disposal which would only plunge our nation into perpetual backwardness and enhanced poverty. We also are grateful to the Unity Party, the All Liberian Party, and the Alternative National Congress among others for collaborating with the Liberty Party on the side of the rule of law which is unprecedented in the contemporary politics of our sub region adding that    this indeed is a precedent worth noting.

He however praised the Coalition for Democratic Change for being a peaceful Political Institution and its peaceful nature in the current political impasse is a major factor of the judicial resolution of the standoff and we applaud the Party for its bravery and patriotism.

“At this point we want to crave the National Elections Commission to remain committed, neutral and focused on the enormous task at hand. The constitutional neutrality of the commission and the board of commissioners is vital to the speedy and peaceful resolution of the standoff” He pointed out.

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