UP’s Varney Sherman Describes NEC’s Ruling As Erroneous

Cllr. Varney G. Sherman

The lead layer of Unity Party legal team, Cllr. Varney Sherman last Friday described the ruling handed by the Board of Commissioners in the case Liberty Party and intervening parties’ vs National Elections Commission as erroneous.

NEC Board of Commissioners on Friday, November 24, 2017 denied Liberty Party and Unity Party appeal for a rerun of the October 10 elections; upholding earlier ruling by NEC Hearing Officer, Muana Ville.

NEC said the complainants and co-complainants failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove their claims of election irregularities and massive fraud during the just conducted elections.

Speaking to newsmen minutes after the ruling was handed down, Cllr. Sherman said he is hopeful that the Honorable Supreme Court will reverse announced by NEC Board of Commissioners.

He said Unity Party in the alternative ‘rerun or runoff.

“We are saying rerun but if you cannot do a rerun takes some corrective measures, to that extend, the Hearing Office agreed with us but the Board did not cover it,” Cllr. Sherman said.

But Commissioner Davidetta Brown Lassana, reading the ruling on behalf of the Board of Commissioners said the transposing errors that occurred during the October 10 polls were corrected, and did not have any impact on the overall outcome of the elections at such, cannot constitute fraud.

“Fraud as define by the Honorable Supreme Court is the employment of trick, artifice or deception to cheat or mislead another and not sufficient to merely alleged fraud as a basis for relief but must be established by proof.” Commissioner Lassana said.

She added, “Accordingly, we hold that the Hearing Officer did not err, and the first and second appellant for a rerun of the October 10 2017 elections is hereby denied.

Meanwhile, legal teams representing the Liberty Party and Unity Party took exception to the ruling and announced that they will take an appeal to the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia.

Source: Sylvester Worwee | Fabric Radio

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