In Defiance of Political Bullying… Weah Amassing More Swing Votes

By:  Robert S. Kollie

Flash Back: Senator George M. Weah addressing partisans

In what has been described as a groundswell of sympathy votes, Senator George Manneh Weah has been further reassured of victory anytime a decision is sealed for the holding of the run-off election.

This medium can authoritatively confirm based on vox-pop conducted that Weah is poised to win more than 80% of undecided voters.

Many who have been unattached to the two dominant parties, inclusive of Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change and the ruling Unity Party represented by Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, have decided to support Weah. This is more because citizens are increasingly seeing him as a victim of political bullying machinated by local and international forces.

This support for Weah has even grown stronger with the mid-week assertion by the United States Embassy in Monrovia that they maintain confidence in the integrity of the October 10 elections. In the statement making the rounds of local and international media, the Americans, who have a huge sway of influence in Liberia, related that none of the local and international observation groups expressed any doubts in the conduct of the elections.

The Americans have also called upon the expected finalists in the elections – Weah’s CDC ad Vice President Boakai – to work with their supporters in ensuring that the elections end peacefully.

“We cannot imagine that bogus fraud allegation in the conduct of the October 10th election could be given credence by the Supreme Court to wrest power from Weah who has amply proven to be the popular choice in the country,” says Jobeth Nagbe, a youth activist in Monrovia’s Paynesville community.

Nagbe, like a number of other young people, expressed readiness to resist any effort to subvert the democratic process in the country and expressed hope that the Supreme Court will be honest and fair in its judgment to see the hoax in the case filed by Cllr. Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party.

Marilyn Sebah, a senior political science student of the University of Liberia says she did not vote for Weah in the first ballot but given “the barefaced political conspiracy hatched against the young man we are going to mobilize to canvass for votes for him whenever they call for re-run or the run-off.”

Also speaking in the same regard at the Attaya Base tea shop, seven of ten respondents have similar denunciatory comments about the electoral fraud case. They see a sore loser and sour grape exhibition by Cllr. Charles Brumskine as a grand scheme supported by both a jittery ruling party and subtly condoned by sub-regional and continental powers.

“We cannot imagine that people who have poor democratic credential can come here to teach us about unfounded elections fraud,” says High School Teacher Roland Gaye, as alluding to Togo’s Faure Gnasingbe who, for instance has been tagged with electoral fraud in maintaining power in Togo.

For marketer Ma Baindu Kiawu of Redlight business district in Monrovia, she says they are confused about the political development to distort the result, noting that the political history of the country has shown that when one group of politicians decide to hold onto power by all means it can lead to serious backlash that will further destabilize the country.

She expressed hope that the will of God as indicated in the overwhelming choice of the Liberian people for change through Weah must be respected and given the power without further creating conditions for women and children to suffer.

Meanwhile, there has been more confidence among Weah’s supporter in the face of the latest ruling by the Suprme Court, resisting efforts by the Unity Party to continue adding witnesses and sub poenas in their fraud case at the Elections Commission.

Weah’s supporters see this as a ploy to prolong the case at the Elections Commission and courts, beyond statutory periods.

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