The “Real” Deceivers: An Exclusive Investigation by Globe Afrique Media

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Global Witness investigates and reports on matters of governance in developing countries, but there appears to be no record of a report by Global Witness about good things done by any developing country. Investigations by Global Witness are almost always directed at showing the bad sides of governance of a developing country. Global Witness gets its funding and support by writing reports, such as The Deceivers, about developing countries, especially African countries. Simply stated, to continue to get funding Global Witness must continue to write and publish reports, such as The Deceivers, about African countries; that is a very strong incentive for the writing and publication of The Deceivers.

The Deceivers is not the first report that Global Witness has written about Liberia; it has written several reports on various subjects, including corruption. However, The Deceivers is the first report on Liberia by Global Witness which the Liberian Government has taken sufficiently serious enough to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute those implicated in it. Why is that? The answer is simple; President Sirleaf’s political protagonists (Senator Varney Sherman, Prof. Willie Belleh, and former Speaker Alex Tyler) were implicated in The Deceivers. President Sirleaf has forgotten that these three persons were responsible for the merger of the Liberia Action Party and the Liberia Unification Party with the Unity Party, which made it possible for her to win the 2011 election.


The judiciary is one of the most important institutions of a state. Its integrity and independence from political manipulations are the foundations for maintaining the rule of law. Globe Afrique’s objectives were to understand if the case against Liberian persons accused in The Deceivers of committing crimes for which indictments of bribery, economic sabotage, criminal conspiracy, criminal solicitation and criminal facilitation were obtained, based on hearsays and violations of privacy laws by Global Witness, were adequate to sustain successful prosecution in Liberia.

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