3 Political Parties Jointly Reaffirms ‘Massive Fraud’ In October 10 Elections, Accused President Sirleaf of Interference

Flash Back: NEC Chairman, Jerome Korkoya being commissioned by President Sirleaf

Three political parties including the ruling Unity Party (UP), Liberty Party (LP) and All Liberian Party (ALP) have reaffirmed today, October 29, 2017, what they considered as ‘Massive Fraud’ during the just ended October 10, 2017 general and presidential elections, accusing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of interference in the Liberian elections.

A prepared statement which was read by the National Chairman of the ruling Unity Party, Wilmont Page also made reference of  a  meeting called by President Sirleaf of all National Elections Commission (NEC) magistrates including Chairman Jerome Korkoya at her residence which he noted gave rise of her interference in the ongoing electoral process.

Speaking further at the well-attended press conference which was witnessed by officials of the three political parties at the headquarters of the ruling Unity Party, Chairman Page lashed at President Sirleaf for her role played in the fraudulence just ended electoral process, stressing, “We are concern about what is been considered as a ploy to create instability in Liberia. If the president was interested peacefully in the process she should have consulted political parties instead of inviting election magistrates and Chairman Korkoya,” Mr. Page in the statement noted.

He called on the United States Government, the international community to be aware of this situation in the country, stressing, “Let Liberians and not President decide who their president should be. NEC is not trustworthy to conduct any free and fair elections in the face of massive fraud. We support the stance by the Liberty Party in its legal battle against the National Elections Commission; we will pursuit this to a logical conclusion,” the three political parties statement concluded.

However, officials of the National Elections Commission have denied holding secret meeting with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, prior to President Sirleaf’s departure from the country to attend the UN General Assembly, in New York.

NEC Chairman, Jerome Korkoya, told journalists at NEC’s regular press briefing recently that the meeting with Madam Sirleaf at her private residence was attended by international groups like, the Angie Brooks International Women, Europeans Union and UNDP.

Cllr. Korkoya said, “we, the Commission decided, that it would be necessary for our Magistrates to hear this message from the president directly that they need to conduct themselves responsively, professionally and do not allow themselves to be influenced by anybody.”

Chairman Korkoya said the Commission had arranged to meet President Sirleaf Saturday, but because of the Unity Party rally, that was not possible.

He further clarify that because the president had to travel on Sunday, the only place she could meet with them was at her private home.

“The co-chairperson of the Commission, myself, and I think Commissioner Samuel Joe and the 19 Magistrates of Liberia, went to see the president and she reiterated her message; so there was no secret meeting accept you tell me that the president of Liberia do not have right to caution elections workers to be responsible or professional,” Cllr. Korkoya said.

NEC boss insists, the sole intend of the weekend’s meeting was for the president of Liberia to emphasis to the Magistrates that they needed to remain critical, responsible and impartial in the conduct of their duty, and to also thank them for their services before she departs the country.

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