Plot To Assassinate Weah Backfires, Informants Arrested, Charged

One of the alleged assassins

The Liberia National Police has arrested, charged and sent to jail, the three men who revealed an alleged assassination plot of the presidential candidate of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), George Manneh Weah.

According to a police charged sheet, a copy of which in the possession of the GNN, the three men identified as Oldpa Weh, 39, George Barry, alias Ivorian and Mustapha Sesay on August 23, 2017, held a press conference at the headquarters of the CDC in Congo Town, outside Monrovia, alleging that their services were hired by a Liberian businessman, Attorney George Kailondoto disrupt and cause pandemonium during the party’s official launch of its campaign on August 19, 2017.

The press conference which was live on local radios, televisions and on social media, accused Unity Party Montserrado County Campaign Manager, Saye Maye Cole as one of those who reportedly hired their services.

According to ‘Long John,’ he and his colleagues were hired through the instrumentality of Mr. George Kailondo, a stalwart of the UP to assassinate the CDC political leader.

He said the UP mobilization chairman for Montserrado County hired them with strict mandate to execute the plan (to allegedly kill Weah) on the day the CDC launched its political campaign for the impending 2017 elections.

“We were promised US$10,000.00 by George Kailondo for the mission. But we thought this would take away our future. Our mandate was to cause instability at the party’s headquarters which would have led to the assassination of George Weah,” he said.

‘Long John’ claimed that as part of this conspiracy, 150 of UP T-shirts were given to them to wear on the day of the CDC’s campaign launch which would have caused brawls with partisans of the CDC.

Our reporter who was at the press conference said UP T-shirts were displayed. Confirming Long John’s claims, George Barry alias ‘Ivorian,’ one of the men who claimed to have been hired, revealed that they have been hired since 2014 during the special senatorial elections when Weah was elected as senator of Montserrado County.

Though ‘Ivorian’ couldn’t validate his allegations, he however said with the mandate of the disruption during the program, those he calls ‘Russian Assassins’ would have been the actual killers of Sen. Weah on August 19, 2017.

He said the CDC standard-bearer was saved because of his love for people and as such, they couldn’t harm him. “Kailondo called me because I have been rolling with him for a very long time. He and I have good rapport. Recently he met me and said my man I want see you to my house and I even left my black gucu at his house in his living room right under the table near the swimming pool under the table. I called Mustapha, Long John and he instructed us about the operations,” he revealed.

‘Ivorian’ said they were given all of the maps of how George Weah movements would have been on the day of the campaign launch. He alleged they were planted all along the routes used by George Weah and his key partisans on the day of the launch, claiming that Senator Weah is very vulnerable without security on such occasion.

“Just do what we want you to do because we want you bring serious noise, but we have people who will do the job. While giving his speech, you guys can start throwing stones for the snappers to do their work. He instructed one tall guy to give us the T-shirts and promised to pay us on Saturday, the amount of US$10,000.00. He later gave us L$2000.00 for us to smoke and drink,” he explained.

He said after their departure from Kailondo’s house, they realized that they were acting foolishly by plotting to kill their own brother who has done nothing to them.

“I said to myself that is complete foolishness for us to continue killing our brothers and sisters for the country to go back to war. We want to go to the police and Mustapha said no and we came to the CDC’s headquarters to explain the situation to the officials,” he added.

‘Ivorian’ indicated that he has no malice against anyone in the UP and as such, he wouldn’t lie or fabricate lies against them. He lamented that he graduated from St. Mary High School at the age of 16, but his life continues to dwindle because of his life style.

For Mustapha Sesay, he recounted that he was hired in 2014 to cause instability at the PHP between supporters of George Weah and Robert Sirleaf during the special senatorial elections.

“Since 2014, we have been incited and hired to do things that we were not to do. We did those things because of life conditions in our country, but we were not willing to do those things,” he said.

“We were told that George Weah needed to be assassinated because we have done it before and they know we can do it again. During the night of the CDC’s launching, we passed at the headquarters, but people identified us because the pickup was not tainted,” he said.

He said following the identification and coupled with their lifestyles, they became afraid and decided to take precaution. “We continue to receive calls of encouragement that we should not be afraid,” he said.

Following weeks of thorough investigation into the issue, the police findings revealed that the suspects have ‘never-ever’ at any point in time contact or have had any conversation with Vice President Joseph Boakai or Defense Minister Brownie Samukai.

The police charge sheet disclosed that the statements of the suspects in the media are false and misleading, and that they are only intended to disturb the peace and security of the country and that the suspects have been recorded in time past as high core criminals as per their records with the police, and therefore they cannot be trusted.

The police investigative report termed the three suspects statement of being hired to assassinate Senator George Weah as being ‘diabolically concocted’.

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