An Open Letter to Jerome Korkoya, Chairman of the National Election Commission of Liberia

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Liberia’s Election Chairman Jerome Korkoya:

I am Christopher Hayes Onanuga, a reputable Liberian and an entrepreneur who has employed several Liberian citizens. Of course, I am wrongly indicted along with other eminent Liberians in the Global Witness/Sable Mining trial which is headed by your good old friend Mr. Fonati Koffa, who is today contesting in Grand Kru County for a House of Representative position with the intent of contesting for the position of Speaker, I want you to know that I am also an important private businessman.

Most importantly, your friend Koffa has not resigned his position on the presidential task force, a presidential appointment, even though he is contesting for a representative seat in the House.

My Note to you today, Mr. Korkoya, is based on your letter to UNDP to cancel all contracts won in a competitive bidding process by the NATIONAL CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE AND CREATIVITY (NCEC), executors of Liberia’s Most Prestigious Awards Ceremony, and one of the businesses that I co-own.

Information obtained revealed that the NATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS OF LIBERIA (NEA) contracts are cancelled because I am associated with the institution and indicted, thus the institution is not worthy of doing business with any institution associated with National Election Commission (NEC).

NEC Chairman Korkoya, left, an ex-state of New Jersey employee in the US who has been repeatedly accused by Dr. Tipoteh and others as a US citizen is taking bread and butter from poor Liberian UNDP’s contract workers because of his political interest, and protection of his job. This is how bad some Liberian leaders are.

Unlike you who would just jump on a plane and travel because you have a blue book, as a United States citizen, the U.S. Embassy granted me a visa knowing that I have indictment charges against me. The embassy knows that such charges have a placed to be tested––in the court of Law. But you refused to understand that.

Now, I am sure by now you know it is fool hardy of you, a “Lawyer” to have reason to think I would have kept silent knowing my rights are being violated by someone like you who should know better, being a lawyer.

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Source: Globe Afrique Media

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