Liberian Children To Smile Again -It Takes A Village Africa Introduces STEAM

Underprivileged Liberian children are at the verge of setting their destiny rightly with the introduction of the Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics (STEAM) learning concept in the Liberian school system.

The program is the development of the It Takes A Village Africa, an organization that promotes education, agriculture, and healthcare programs. Its primary aim is to build and establish educational complexes in Africa. Making the disclosure to this paper, one of the founders of the organization, Erica Davies said they basically take children who are on the streets and not in school and teach them how to think critically through the STEAM program.

According to Madam Davies, due to the suspicious nature of the society, the selected children are interviewed in the presence of their parents for the program and they are later taken to the STEAM program daily and return to their parents at the end of the day.

“We see children on the streets that are not in school. Take them and teach them critical concept of science technology engineering Art mathematics (STEAM). The children are asked basic questions about their backgrounds and how parents can help them realize their dreams,” she said.

Madam Davies who has been living in the United States for years, said she was moved to give back to her country in such a positive way.

“It is the love of country that brought me here. We are partnering with Liberian organizations in slum communities, we developing a concept called STEAM School in the box. It is a box that comes with all the different materials to teach other people,” she added.

The organization has existed for nine years rendering humanitarian services aim at giving hope to disadvantage children.

She indicated that the receptions from Liberians especially parents of those children have been encouraging and as such; the organization is motivated to do well.

“If you don’t have the heart for Liberia you will run away. But I am here for the right reasons because I did not come here for a job. I came here on free will,” she added.

The age range of children for the STEAM program is 3years to 12years, but said children that are fast in learning will be doing another program called growth and technology which is a project extension to STEAM which will be for children from 3years to 18.

“We receiving children, but if we don’t have the capacity, we partner with other nonprofit or profit groups and we find sponsors to be able to sponsor them.  Right now we are managing and the program is free and it lasts until we have the children in school. We are not trying to send the children anywhere, we are making the children of Liberia to learn their culture and love their culture,” she indicated.

It Takes a Village Africa is a lifelong organization that have been passed on from generations focusing on Culture and Principles.  It Takes a Village Africa is an organization that promotes education, agriculture, and healthcare programs. Its primary aim is to build and establish educational complexes in Africa.

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