Hurricane Harvey’s Disaster in US : A Time to Shame African Leaders

President Trump And The First Lady, Melania Trump, Met With Individuals Affected By Hurricane Harvey

WASHINGTON, DC – THE United States of America is a great, powerful and wealthy nation. It is a country endowed with tremendous human and natural resources. Its potential to do anything is realistically untapped. Its people are innovative, courageous, foresighted, visionary, caring and above all, charitable.

UNLIKE most rich nations on earth, the US has given to our world and to the people of every region and country than anyone can think.

From standing for human rights, women rights and social justice to promoting democracy, and advancing human development in terms of education and workforce training, access to health care and nutrition, food and physical security as well as humanitarian and disaster relief, the US and the American people have always provided leadership, care and concern.

THE most US aid to various regions around the world goes to the African continent, and all 54 countries in Africa have received or benefited from US aid either through the US State Department, USAID, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and more.

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Source: Globe Afrique Media

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