President Sirleaf, Koffa, Sable Mining Saga, Sherman and others – The Ugly Truth

By  Blama G. Konuwah |

Liberia is a strange place and strange things are always happening there, especially under the administration of President Ellen Jonson Sirleaf.

As a researcher and analyst, and in my opinion, there are just few glaring realities that make the entire Sable Mining saga a joke, and waste of time and resources. But here we have someone viciously pursuing a charge where there is no need for one. Without much analysis, a plain look at the statement of the chief prosecutor of the Sable Mining case reveals otherwise.

The chief prosecutor says: “If the defendant is interested in the truth, let him come to court, and agree to the unobstructed admission of the evidence. To obstruct the legal proceeding then claim political victimization is simply being disingenuous. The government of Liberia did not write the Global Witness report. In fact, the defendant knew of the Global Witness report months before the report came out as he was contacted in this regard. It remains uncontroverted that the emails are his,” says Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, head of the Special Presidential Taskforce.

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Source: Globe Afrique Media

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