Joint Security At Various Borders Threatening To Pull Out

Joint security comprising of Immigration, the Liberia National Police and Drug Enforcement Agency assigned at various border points around the country are threatening to pull out during the country’s electoral process if their plight is not addressed by the Liberian Government.

Members of the Joint Security assigned at the border points of Grand Gedeh, River Gee and Maryland Counties in an exclusive interview with a Liberian journalist in southeastern Liberia complained of the lack of food, transportation and other incentives that could propel their operations in that part of the country.

Bobby Addison speaking to the GNN via mobile phone on Sunday, August 27, 2017 from Maryland County, said the condition of these officers assigned are these various borders is very deplorable, noting, “These officers have threatened to pull out from their respective assignments due to the lack of support; no food, transportation, and even no safe drinking water for them is not available,” Alison said.

Bobby Addison said officers assigned at the Liberian/Ivorian border in Maryland County at some times assisted by their Ivorian counterparts for food, water and other necessities, stressing, “These guys are in hell, they are living in a situation that is unbearable, authority at the Ministry of Justice is yet to do something about the plight of these officers,” Alison speaking to the GNN noted.

He said the threats issued by officers from the Joint Security assigned at the borders around the country is scaring, adding, “As Liberians gearing up for the holding of an election, it is important that our border be secured in order to avoid aliens from infiltrating, or illegally crossing over to Liberia,” he warned.

Effort by the GNN to reach both the Minister Justice and the Commissioner of the Liberia Immigration Service via mobile phone proved unsuccessful.

Investigation continues.

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