Naymote Releases Survey Report on Police and Others

Naymote Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo

The Naymote Partners for Democratic Development has completed the conduct of the third survey assessing citizens’ perceptions on the performance of the Liberia Electricity Corporation, the Liberian Water and Sewer Corporation, the Liberian National Police and the post Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration.

Naymote presents the result of the third survey conducted using mobile phones which was designed to solicit citizens’ opinions and assessments of services provided by the government of Liberia highlighting water, electricity and security as the nation move toward elections. This survey is significant considering that water, electricity, and security are basic amenities that people need for sustenance. These services, if provided, could build citizens trust in the governance process.

The survey was conducted using mobile phones whereby1,240 registered voters living within the 17 electoral districts across Montserrado County were targeted as respondents. Of the total number of registered voters who participated in the survey, 58.5% were males and 41.5% were females. 42.3% were below ages 25 years while 57.7% were above 25 years.With 43 days to the presidential and legislative elections, public views of the Liberian National Police (LNP) are positive as the survey revealed that70.7% of the respondents think the Liberian National Police is adequately prepared to provide security during and after the electoral process while 29.3% said they do not think so.

88% of the respondents are positive of a better Liberia after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 12 years in office, 10.4% not hopeful while 1.6% stated they don’t Know.30% of respondents rated the performance of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) as good, 24% respondents rated as poor, 19.5% rated as fair, 7.8% as very good and 18.7% said they don’t know.Finally, 31.3% respondents said they are very disappointed with the performance and services of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation, 21.8% said they are disappointed, 15% said they are satisfied, 3.8% said they are very satisfied while 27.7% said they don’t know.

This exercise was done to help the Liberia National Police, Liberia Electricity Corporation and Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation understand how citizens rate their performance and the services they provide and how they can work to improve those services to benefit all Liberians and residents of the country.The survey was conducted from the institution’s “phone-bank” of over 9,500 names and contact details of registered voters across the 73 electoral districts in Liberia. The institution’s trained call center staffs randomly selected 1,240 respondents from the phone bank for the survey across the 17 electoral districts in Montserrado County. Eight enumerators conducted the survey using mobile phones for collecting data as well as using computers for enabling data entry clerk to enter and store data from the respondents.The survey was conducted within 25 working days.

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