Liberians Worrying Over 2017 Elections, As Panic Envisages: GNN Survey Discovers  

With accusations and counter accusations which currently lingering in most electoral quarters of the country about ‘mistrust’ amongst political contenders, a survey conducted by the GNN Liberia has discovered that Liberians are expressing fear about the outcome of the October 10, 2017 general and presidential elections.

Few days ago, some proclaimed loyalists of the ruling Uity Party (UP) took the airwaves and the print media to inform the world how they were allegedly hired by the UP to carry out what they called “Assassination plot” against the presidential candidate of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

While Liberians were still pondering over this unwanted revelation by the purported UP partisans who displayed the Unity Party’s T-Shirts during their news conference early this week raised unexpected fears in Liberians who are now wondering about the outcome of the October 10 elections.

Another threatening situation which seems to awaken more fears in the minds of Liberians again is a recent statement issued reportedly by the ruling Unity Party (UP) against the electoral body, the National Elections Commission (NEC) about its inability to conduct a free, fair and transparent elections in the October 10 elections.

These developments seem to worry many Liberians who told the GNN that they are not prepare to go back to civil disturbances any more, after experiencing nearly three decades of senseless civil war which led to the lost of over 15,000 lives including the destructions of their country’s infrastructures, and the fleeing of Liberians into refugee camps in foreign lands.

Already presidential candidates in the 2017 elections are all refusing to be the loser, even if NEC announces the winner apart from them; expressing optimism that they will be the winner at the end of the process at all cost, these insinuations on the part of these presidential candidates of political parties in the race are said to be brining the country’s electoral body, NEC to public ridicule, despite of the huge efforts and support being put in by the international community.

The trading of these allegations from one presidential candidate to another under the awning of impressing electorates that they are the only good guys who can be trusted in these elections is not healthy for Liberia’s young democracy being craved for by Liberians themselves.

These self-esteem and proclaimed victories by politicians, especially presidential candidates should not be hasten in the absence of the October 10, 2017 elections, a day set aside to solely be used by the National Elections Commission to declare all winners of their preferred positions in these elections.

“Most of these presidential candidates who are opting to rule us after the October 10 election are all beating war drums all around here, noting that they are the only ones to be elected for, and no one else; these actions on their part of these politicians seem troubling and scaring,” Daniel Q. Johnson a resident of central Monrovia speaking to the GNN observed.

However, GNN in its bid to gather more reactions from Liberians regarding the current political situation in the country ahead of these elections, observed that most Liberians who were interviewed by our staff craved for God’s blessed hands on Liberia for a peaceful election,

“We do not want any unusual happenings during these elections, when Liberians will again take to their heels running here and there to seek refuge in foreign lands. Let these politicians put Liberia first, and do away with those vices that will plunge Liberia into another horror,” Agnes Jackie Daniels, a businesswoman speaking to the GNN said.

With all of those observations from Liberians on the outcome of these pending elections, one would believe that Liberians are completely tired of war, and those things that will again put them backward instead of going forward.

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