Liberia Celebrates 170th National Flag Day, As Hundreds Of Students joyously Parade

Students parading the streets of Monrovia in celebration of the day

Students from all over the capital as early as 6:45am today gathered on Ashmun Street, opposite the Centennial Pavilion in central Monrovia to begin the celebration of this year’s National Flag Day.

The President of Liberia, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf dressed in her red, white and blue was accompanied by several of her cabinet Ministers, including the Minister of Education, George Werner stood in readiness for the students to give their eyes rights.

Another scene at the parade

The students, many whom who give their eyes rights rightly amused the President and her cabinet ministers as thunderous applauds overwhelmed the occasion the president herself puts up a glaring smile in appreciation of the students’ performances.

A 9-year old girl of the Permilia school thrilled the President as she majestically gave her eyes rights with another round of applaud from the bystanders.

During the indoor program held in the hall of the Centennial Pavilion, an 11th grade student from the G. W. Gibson read the proclamation on behalf of the Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The founder and chairperson of the Isaac A. David School, and City Mayor of Bentol, Madam Christian Tolbert Norman served as day’s Orator who spoke on the topic: “Patriotism the Way for National Transformation”

Addressing the huge gathering mostly students in the hall, Madam   Norman called on Liberians to be more patriotic and committed in the growth and development of their nation, and further disagreed the redesigning of the Liberian flag as being recommended by others.

She noted that instead of Liberians opting for the change of the Liberian Flag, Liberians should change their attitudes and their way of life if the country should go forward amongst the comity of nations.

Each year, August 24, the National Flag Day which is one of the public holidays in Liberia, is celebrated with students moving majestically showing case their militancy talents making show that they are recognize by the huge on looking crowds.

At the end of the program, several schools were awarded prizes with the Assembly of God School receiving the first place prize, the 2nd place award went to the Parmilia School System, Gray D. Allison won the 3rd place prize, the best dress school prize went to the Teresa Convent, while the most discipline prize award went to the Cathedral High School

Mrs. Ross is the woman that designed the American Flag. Unlike Betsy Ross, the Liberian flag was ‘designed’ by the following seven women: Susannah Lewis, Matilda Newport, Rachel Johnson, Mary Hunter, J.B. Russwurm, Conilette Teage, and Sara Dripper

On July 16, 1847, the Liberian Declaration of Independence was adopted, announcing the independence of Liberia from the United States. A little later, the national flag of Liberia was adopted.

The Liberian flag resembles the flag of the United States. This resemblance reflects the origins of the country: the Republic of Liberia was founded by the former American slaves. Just like the American flag, the flag of Liberia has red and white stripes and a blue field in the canton.

The Liberian flag has eleven stripes, symbolizing the eleven signatories of the Declaration of Independence. Red represents courage and white stands for moral excellence. The blue square is the symbol of the African mainland, and the white star on the blue field is the representation of the freedom given to the ex-slaves.

Flag Day in Liberia has been observed since the adoption of the flag, but it became an official public holiday in 1915. It is a patriotic holiday that aims to play homage to the country’s national emblem. It is marked with flag hoisting ceremonies and parades held throughout Liberia.

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