GNN Boss Celebrates 58th Birth Anniversary


J. Cholo Brooks Celebrates 58th Birth Anniversary, With Daughter, Husband and Grand Children

The new digital media has seen a volta-face in Africa especially West Africa with the introduction of several news outlets that are redefining the work of journalists using the internet. However, each country across the continent has got key players shifting the political, academic, business and environmental debate across the globe.

For instance, most newspapers in Europe are now reducing or shutting down the print edition of their daily papers, turning to a more conventional and wildly read platforms- the internet.

Rachel and her brother (Left)

Today, Liberia’s media has seen Global News Network (GNN) publisher of seize the opportunity of reaching a wider audience across the world with their fire burn reportage using the internet. GNN has not only revolutionized the way reportage is done in Oldest African Republic but also set new standards that others are now following. The internet is now serving as a major platform for information dissemination.

Looking back more than 10 years into emigrations of his work as one of the leaders in the new digital media in Liberia, the Chief Executive Officer of GNN has said, he could only imagine a difficult 21 Century without the use of the world wide web.

Joel Cholo Brooks, affectionately call ‘CB’ by his peers and admirers joined the journalism profession in the late 1970s, and have worked for several international news services including the BBC African Service, and currently Mr. Brooks work for dozens of other news services including the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

His rich knowledge in Liberian politics, environmental Science, Business and Economy has placed him on top of his professional life. Last Sunday, August 13, 2017 celebrated his 58th birth anniversary with hundreds of well-wishers including friends and relatives in attendance.

The colorful occasion which was held in Virginia, outside Monrovia coincided with the traditional marriage of his elder daughter, Rachel T. Brooks to Lawrence T. Herron, also brought together friends and relatives of the couple.

The double occasions overwhelmed the celebrants as the occasion witnessed lots of traditional and western customs as both celebrants joyously expressed and thanks and appreciation to those who had come far and near to celebrate with them.

His daughter, Rachel T. Brooks, 31, is a 2013 graduate of the United Methodist University in Management and Sociology.

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Joel Cholo Brooks is a Liberian journalist who previously worked for several international news outlets including the BBC African Service. He is the CEO of the Global News Network which publishes two local weeklies, The Star and The GNN-Liberia Newspapers. He is a member of the Press Union Of Liberia (PUL) since 1986, and several other international organizations of journalists, and is currently contributing to the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation as Liberia Correspondent.