Elections Fever Scaring: 8-Year-Old Boy Found Dead With Body Parts Extracted

Eldred Wlemongar Thomas/thomaseledred2012@yahoo.com

The remains of Little John Cole (Photo Credit: Heritage Newspaper)

As quest for political power gains momentum in Liberia in the face of the October 10, 2017 general and presidential election draws closer, mysterious happenings are taken place with the disappearance of people with the most recent incidence of a missing boy, eight years old, John Cole who mysteriously disappeared in the Whea Town Community in the vicinity of the St. Paul Bridge and found with body parts extracted.

According to the father of the little John Cole, Mr. Boakai Cole, following the discovering of the missing boy, it was noticed that several parts on the body including one of his eyes, tongue and a flesh under his arm were arts missing apparently for ritualistic purposes.

The remains of little John Cole a student of the Rev. K. A. Brefo School in the St. Paul Bridge Community was reportedly found floating on the Stockton Creek, under a tree during the morning hours of Friday, August 11, 2017.

His body was said to have been discovered by a fisherman at the Stockton creek which connects the St. Paul River, and shares the boundary with the Whea Town Community and the township of Caldwell.

The victim’s father said the incident happened after his son and colleagues were playing in front of his house in the community.

Mr. Cole explained that his son went missing later, and could not be found in the entire community, as well as at his mother’s place in the Banjor Community in Virginia.

Cole noted that community members and relatives immediately launched a search for him in surroundings communities Thursday morning, but their exercise did not yield results.

Mr. Cole pointed out that the discovery of his son’s lifeless body was made known by an unidentified lady when he had gone was to have his breakfast during the morning hours of Friday, August 11, 2017.

He narrated further that even though the body of his son was black in complexion due to its condition, he was able to identify his son based upon a healed wound mark on his left eye.



The GNN reporter said St. Paul Bridge residents could not hold back their tears after taking a glance of the lifeless body of John Cole.

Mr. Cole said they invited the police and was told to take the boy body from in the water.

The mother of the victim: “I saw my son; I did not make him up because he was too black, but when they turned him around, I saw the mark on top of his eye because one of his friends hurt him before, and I said this is my son, she explained”.

She continued stating they took flesh from his arm, his tongue, and eye and his whole mouth was bruise up just like he was torture, and fresh blood was coming from his nose.

According to her, someone had killed her son, instead of any thought that he may have drowned.

“The person who did this to me, I leave them with they and their God, she said in tears.”

When contacted, LNP officers assigned at the St. Paul Bridge Community police station told our reporter that an investigation has been launched into the mysterious incident.

According to the Police pointed no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

It remains unclear for what purpose parts were extracted from little John Cole, but some residents who begged not to be named attributed such act is intended for ritual purposes especially during electioneering period.

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