Is Foreign Countries Involve In Supporting A Liberian ‘Presidential Candidate’?

As Liberian politicians struggle to gain supremacy over their opponents in these elections scheduled for October 2017, others are said to be seeking foreign support financially in order to beef up their political strength at all cost for the win.

Even though the electoral law of Liberia forbids any extended support to a political party or political aspirant, what seems to be unbelievable is the level of financial and materials support reportedly being received by some of the political parties is alarming.

Recently, the National Elections Commission (NEC) warned all political parties not to spend more than US$400,000.00 during these elections, but with this regulation being enforced by the electoral body several questions are being asked.

Liberians are pondering over the huge amount of money been spent by political parties including the purchase of luxury fleet of vehicles, helicopter, and others.

GNN Liberia investigation regarding the reported foreign support to some political parties in these elections has revealed that some unnamed countries have resolved to support a presidential candidate who it is believed will dance to their tune when elected as Liberia’s next president.

According to the investigation, the reported foreign financiers who are also very influential in their home countries have expressed explicit confidence in the presidency of their preferred candidate, and further agreed to make available huge sum of money towards the success of that candidate.

At the same time, a GNN Liberia source also revealed that some confidants of financiers for these political parties recently arrived in country aimed at working alongside with their beneficiaries’ political parties in the utilization of those materials and cash made available to those political parties.

However, GNN Liberia investigation will further continue, and detailed names of the political parties and the presidential candidates will be disclosed in its subsequent posting.

masters’ beneficiaries (Those political parties involved) to see how support provided is being utilized.

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