President Ellen Johnson Sirelaf’s “House of Cards” in Liberia’s elections

The Liberian General elections of 2017 is already parading many controversies. From crossing carpet to infightings, electoral activities have been filled with tension as well as surprising, if not mystical occurrences.

However, the person dictating the current electoral climate is no other than the “Maradona” or in modern day attribution, the “Cristiano Ronaldo” of Liberian politics, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf and Varney Sherman long time feud:

President Sirleaf and Senator Sherman were one-time real buddies. When Sherman graduated from the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law in 1979, he joined the Maxwell and Maxwell law firm in 1980 as an associate, performing duties as a consulting attorney and a trial lawyer.

Senator Varney Sherman, Harvard Law Graduate and Liberia’s renowned corporate lawyer

After his graduation from the Harvard Law School in 1982, he was given additional assignments and was entrusted to represent some of the firm’s biggest corporate clients; notably Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Tradevco Bank among others. While at this firm, it was noticed that President Sirleaf had formed a special friendship with the head of the firm. The friendship between President Sirleaf and this head of the firm where Senator Sherman worked went on until the inception of the war in 1990 when all of them fled.

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Source: Globe Afrique Media

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