Perfectly Understood Why Liberia’s Auditing Agency Discredits SDI’s Report

Liberia’s private sector is not lucrative if not non-existence at all. And so, obtaining rewarding employment in the country is very difficult unless one works with the overly-enlarged Liberian government controlled exclusively by the all-powerful Liberian presidency.

The hardship in finding lucrative employment in the country has generated an integrity issues for a number of officials in the Liberian administration, especially individuals who lead agencies.

Accordingly, the highest paid individuals in Liberia are government workers, particularly lawmakers, head of public agencies and their associates. Because finding jobs in Liberia is so difficult, it makes perfect sense for government’s agencies headed by individuals whose appointments and employment hang on the will and pleasure of the Liberian president to do whatever to protect and maintain their positions even if it means doing the most unethical things.

Therefore, it would be perfectly understood for the leadership of the Liberia General Auditing Commission to emphatically deny investigative reports linking members of the president’s favourite family members to the misused of public funds as researched and reported by the Sustainable Development Institute in their report captioned, “Who Chopped Chevron US$10.5 million?”

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Source: Globe Afrique Online

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