Musons Group Striving To Transform Liberia Architecturally, Awarded Investment Incentives For Professional Services

Corporate Building being designed by MUSONS

Following series of controversial debates and discussions in street corners, and other places of interest that Liberians are not capable of managing their own resources, and that they are also unable to compete with their foreign counterparts in the area of construction and architectural designs as compare to their Lebanese counterparts, a Liberian owned construction company, the Musons Group Incorporated has proven to the contrary.

G T Bank Complex

The Company which was established twenty-one years ago, on August 5th, 1996 in Monrovia by a Liberian well learned architect, Joe Gene Mulbah is making headway in the construction industries; bringing pride to his fellow compatriots by competing with foreign owed construction companies.

Due to its professional services and bringing pride and dignity to the people of Liberia, the Liberian Government through both houses of the National Legislature, an investment incentives for Musons Group was ratified by law in June of this year – 2017, this move has added more grease to the elbow of the Chief Executive Officer of Musons Group to do more for his Country.

Luxury Home

As its preferred beginning, Musons Group during its initial start as construction Company was granted a Class “D” certificate and following series of its professional services was a Class “A” certificate. Like many other engineering firms, MUSONS had her painful share of the enormous challenges.

“The power of a dream is measured by the quality of services it captures”, words of the President and Chief Executive Officer of Musons Group Incorporated, Mr. Mulbah speaking to the GNN-Liberia in an exclusive interview recently at his newly completed office complex on 11th Street & Cheeseman Avenue in Sinkor noted.

Guest House & Suite

Outlining plans for his Company’s intent to transform Liberia infrastructural, and architectural development, Mr. Mulbah who himself is a trained architectural engineer and have over two decades of vast experience in the area of housing construction expressed optimism that in the near future his Company will take the lead in the transformation of Liberia’s infrastructural.

Medical Center

Speaking about the vision, mission and core values of his Company, Mr. Mulbah said, “Our vision is to emerge as the foremost brand name of class and efficiency in design engineering. While at the same time our mission is to bring civilization to a full-circle by transcending the borders of societal limitations, and to conclude, our core values are: Trustworthy, Time-conscious, Confident, Indulgent, Commitment, Steadfast and Quality,” the Musons Group CEO speaking to the GNN-Liberia asserted.

Musons Group’s Historical Reflections:

The exigent pangs of the many years of war had a multiplying and severely crippling effect on the growth and planned expansion of MUSONS with in a time-tagged period.

Driven by the urge to succeed and the benefits of an administrative intelligent design, MUSONS weathered the storm and achieved remarkable capacity-building and  security in record time over the years, thus earing the regards and confidence of an array if clients from all walks of life (foreign and domestic).

MGI Corporate Building

As today’s date, according to GNN-Liberia survey, MUSONS is among the most reputable engineering firms in the country with partnerships spanning contracts from United Nations organizations such as the UNDP, UNHCR as well as NGOs to include: Africare-Liberia, the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), the Guaranty Trust Bank, Ecobank, Afriland Bank, International Liberia Limited (IB), Government Institutions, etc.

Due to demands from clients to engage the professional services of Musons Group, it is now enjoying the options to decline or choose from amongst a barrage of offers in contracts for the best and most critical designs in engineering construction. When one reflects on the rather difficult past of MUSONS, one can appreciate that, “The   agonies of history can best find their justifications only in the realized freedom and happiness they ultimately make possible for humanity”, Mr. Mulbah speaking further said.

Proposed National Port Authority (NPA) Head Office

Starting from the grassroots, the Company’s CEO said, “We have and continue to offer services to our discerning clients with the conscious sense of commitment, integrity and dedication, irrespective of the classes of clients, backed with professionals with diverse backgrounds of experience, we offer services with competence in a rapidly expanding business world,” Mr. Mulbah during the interview told our staff.

Office Complex

According to Mr. Mulbah, “Musons Design Construction Company, Ltd is the forerunner of the other companies within the Group. The reconstruction of Liberia along modern infrastructure standards requires the involvement of all professional Liberians and resident foreign professional Liberians and foreign resident professionals. The company has the aggregation of Architects, Engineers, General Builders and Technicians capable and prepared to deliver professional services,” he added.

MGI Quarry Site

Concluding, Mr. Mulbah said in the area of architecture, his Company’s paramount goal is to provide quality designs and services to all clients.

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