Syrian rebels feel betrayed by U.S. decision to end CIA support. ‘It will weaken America’s influence’

A truck drives down a destroyed street in a rebel-held area in Daraa on July 19, 2017. (Mohamad Abazeed/AFP/Getty Images)


By Erin Cunningham and Heba Habib

ISTANBUL — Syrian rebel commanders on Thursday said they were disappointed in the Trump administration’s decision to end a covert CIA weapons and training program for opposition fighters, an initiative that began under President Barack Obama but that fizzled out amid battlefield losses and concerns about extremism within rebel ranks.

“We definitely feel betrayed,” said Gen. Tlass al-Salameh of Osoud al-Sharqiya, a group affiliated with the Free Syrian Army. Salameh and his deputies say they have received CIA support to rout the Islamic State from areas of eastern Syria, but they have also fought battles against pro-government forces.

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Source: News Now/ Washington Post

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