Personality Contest Overwhelms Liberia’s 2017 Elections, As Oscar Cooper’s Support Heightens In Three Counties

L/R: Joseph Boakai (UP), Charles Brumskine (LP), George Weah (CDC), Alexander Cummings (ANC), Joseph Mills Jones (MOVEE), Benoni (ALP), Oscar Cooper (Independent), McDonald Wento (UPP) and H. Boima Fahnbullet (LPP)

As political aspirants heighten their quest for their respective choice of positions in the pending October 10, 2017 general and presidential elections, electorates seem to be mindful of their decision to cast their ballots in favor of the one who they think should lead them at the end of the day.

Dozens of aspirants are using all types of methods in order to convince their respective districts, constituencies and the country at large, as they impressively explain their platform terming to be the best amongst their opponents in their bid to win the votes of the people.

As Liberia’s historic and democratic elections draw closer, many Liberians and prospective electorates seem to be troubled of the situation as many aspirants in these elections are using their personalities instead of what they can do to redeem their native land from the shackle of corruption and other vices that are drastically derailing the growth and development of Africa’s oldest republic, Liberia.

The observance of personality contest in these elections seem to overwhelm the nationalistic value of many of the aspirants, a situation which has placed Liberia at a cross road in choosing a leader instead of a ruler, while at the same time those who are committed to infuse dynamism in the rapid growth of the country are left by the wayside unnoticed.

However, for others, the issue of personality contest posture by aspirants to impress their voters by all cost will not be in their book, but rather crave for those rightful individuals who will bring dignity and glory to Liberians and their beloved country after these elections.

As most Liberians eagerly wait for the rightful individuals to throw their weight in the race during these elections, one of such they believed could make the difference during these elections due to his quest to see Liberia improve amongst the comity nations is one of the Independent lawmakers in the Liberian Senate representing Margibi County.

Senator, Oscar A. Cooper, popularly known among his colleagues as ‘Margibi 1’ has been considered by many of his supporters who spoke to the GNN over the weekend said, Oscar Cooper was overwhelmingly favored by Liberians, especially those who are anxious to see Liberia graduate from the demeaning state it is currently being faced, noting that Senator Cooper’s advocacy in the Liberian Senate for the people of Liberia is overwhelming. Speaking to the GNN, the supporters said Senator Cooper’s stance on issue affecting the under prevailed, including salaries disparity and benefits for Liberian civil servants has given edge above other politicians who they said is only to enrich themselves.

In a related development, supporters of the Margibi County Senator in four of the fifteen counties of Liberia, according to report have overwhelmingly expressed their support to his presidential bid come the October 10, 2017 general and presidential elections.

The three counties where the overwhelming support of Senator Cooper is being craved by his diehard supporters in their quest to see him ascend to the presidency include Nimba, Bong and Montserrado Counties.

Speaking to the GNN the supporters of Senator Cooper said their desire to crave for his election to the presidency, include his interest to seek the reduction of the income disparity through a series of initiatives including, an improved educational system, agriculture, access to affordable and decent housing, land rights, improved health care system, and workers’ rights.

The Margibi Senator is committed to fully implementing the rule of law and equal access to justice, who is willing to provide increased support to the Security Sector, and also is committed to the full implementation of the decentralization of policy and authority to improve the development process in the country.

Our pollsters from these counties also said during chats with some of the supporters also recounted the utmost concerns of their candidates is ensuring that Liberians are 100% participants in the country’s economy; the restoration of Liberia’s lost standards, morals and cultural values.

The also said Senator Cooper believes that for Liberia to be developed, Liberia’s leadership must have hands on participation in the development of the country with specific focus on rural communities, and is also committed and prepared to improve our agricultural sector through mechanized farming, assisting local farmers with their technical and capacity needs through the use of innovative financing mechanisms, and willing to create an enabling environment that offers opportunities for hardworking Liberians to excel and achieve economic success.

They noted that the road ahead is long and strenuous, but reminded their fellow compatriots that, “If we work together, change our attitudes and exhibit a spirit of discipline and sincerity in our endeavors, we will succeed in building a new Liberia we can all be proud of,” the supporters in their joyous mood told GNN pollsters in those counties.

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