The ‘Unpredictable’ Prince Johnson Has Done It Again, Urges Kinsmen Not To Vote For Boakai

Flash Back: Senator Prince Johnson,  MDR’s political leader with Liberian Vice President and Unity Party’s presidential candidate for 2017

Barely a month ago after declaring his support to the candidacy of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, and standard bearer of the ruling Unity Party (UP) comes October 10, 2017 presidential elections, the political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) and Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson has given a ‘U-Turn’, cautioning Nimbians (his kinsmen) not to waste their votes on the Unity Party Candidate.

According to a GNN-Liberia Correspondent in Ganta, Nimba County, the MDR political was speaking on a local radio station on Monday July 3, 2017, calling on Nimbians not to waste their votes on Mr. Boakai as according to him the V.P. has nothing to offer the country.

“I strongly believe electorally, the people of Nimba should not waste their votes behind Mr. Boakai who is 76-year-old, who has nothing to offer this country,” Senator Johnson told his kinsmen.

According to the Nimba County so call ‘Political godfather’, the Vice President has no intention to think about selecting his running mate from the vote rich Nimba county, which he said is second to Montserrado County.

“Boakai has no intention to think about taking his running mate from Nimba, all he wants is the votes of Nimba,” he further lamented.

Speaking further on the local radio station, Senator Johnson stressed, “What we know for show is that he (Boakai) has four persons listed including Senator Henry Yallah of Bong County, former Pro-Temp Gbehzongar Finley of Grand Bassa County, former Minister of Public Works Koffi Woods and Rep. Prince Nuquay of Margibi County.”

The Senator said if Boakai wants Nimba support, he should take someone from the county. He described the VP alleged failure to select his running mate from the county as discouraging, regrettable and disappointing.

“If he wants Nimba support, he should take someone from Nimba. Though I am running, it doesn’t matter to me who he takes. This is discouraging, regrettable and disappointing,” he asserted.

The Senator Johnson caution comes in wake of the Vice president visit in the County on July 4, 2017. He also encouraged citizens of the county to give a raising welcome to Boakai as Vice President of the country but they should not waste their votes behind him.

During his bid to express support to the Vice President nearly a month ago, Senator Johnson bashed at his critics who have frowned at his recent interaction with VP Boakai in the midst of dialogues for possible collaboration with businessman Benoni Urey.

“They fear that when I will join Boakai and [there’s] nothing wrong with joining Boakai, that’s my oldman we will defeat those people who want to suppress this oldman,” Senator Johnson asserted.

Addressing a team of media practitioners last month at his Duport Road residence in Paynesville, Senator Johnson noted that a Boakai presidency would put an end to the long rule of ‘minority rule’, thus providing the chance for native Liberians to have a feel of the presidency.

He reemphasized calls to residents of his county not to vote a ‘minority leader’ as President, including Charles Brumskine and Benoni Urey.

“These minority leaders” he said, “has made no impact to Liberia’s growth and development” and that it was now time for the native to rule.

Sen. Johnson, however, described as frustrating for the minority to continuously take the big jobs in the country while those who have the popular vote continue to live in poverty.

The Nimba County Senator has named the pending October elections as the gateway for a possible majority rule, promising to campaign in winning the popular vote from the minority.

“Cars cannot vote. I can never look at a ‘country-man’, a ‘majority’ and go against him because when the man of God was telling me the road is open go, I said no. I am a native and a majority, the old man, too, is a majority; I don’t want to challenge him for the vote to divide,” Senator Johnson intoned.

Sen. Johnson further stated that his decision was prophesized by renowned Nigeria preacher TB Joshua during a recent visit to Nigeria.

“He asked me what his name is and I told him. He said nothing bad, but go and work with him, there is no secret here this is a political season,” Sen. Johnson stated.

Commenting on the Senator’s statements, UP Nimba County Youth Wing Chair John Barleay said the Senator was speaking out of frustration. He called on Nimbians not to confide in the assertions made by the Senator as all said about the selection of a person among the four names mentioned above are untrue.

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