Selection of Baptist Preacher As Running Mate To Mills Jones Receives Mixed Reactions

L/R: Dr. J. Mills Jones and Dr. Samuel Reeves

Following official pronouncement by the political leader of the opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones that the head Pastor of the Providence Church, Dr. Samuel Reeves as his running mate in the pending October 10, 2017 Presidential elections.

In reaction to this new development, the head of the Board of Directors of the Church, Thomas Mitchell address a news conference in Monrovia noted that the Church should not be drawn into politics, but noted that Dr. Samuel Reeves as a Liberian has his rights to make personal decision and affiliate himself with any organization of his choice.

Mr. Mitchell speaking further on the issue, said Mr. Joseph J. Roberts has been mandated to serve as acting Pastor of the Church until a decision is reached after the holding of a special conference to appoint a new Pastor of the Providence Baptist Church.

Speaking immediately after his selection, Dr. Reeves said, “A new day is about to dawn for Liberia. The future is now. It is time for a meaningful change, and a new day has come for Liberia,” he told partisans during his acceptance speech.

“God has sent us a new wave and we must ride it to a new destination of hope, patriotism, national service, and sacrifice, inclusiveness and integrity.”

He indicated that such a vibrant duo with Dr. Jones means a new destination has been planted in “our common destiny of constant prayer, common sense, brilliant planning, selfless compassion, and godly integrity.

“A destination locked in a common destiny that looks beyond our social alliances, tribal affiliations, theological jurisdictions, political justifications, and connections.”

He indicated that the Jones-Reeves ticket presents to the Liberian people possibilities, potentials, and equal opportunity for all Liberians.

“That is why we are prepared to provide opportunities to lift Liberia and Liberians from the dirt of poverty, underdevelopment, and illiteracy,” he said, adding, “we are prepared to provide opportunities that will build our confidence and ensure our self-reliance.”

Through confidence, self-reliance, hard work, creativity, innovation, and prayers, Dr. Reeves noted, “God will make us instruments of His miracles in the transformation and development of our nation.”

Apparently reacting to corruption, the MOVEE vice standard bearer stressed that the new Liberian society under their care will teach Liberians, especially public servants that they must not expect to “reap where they have not sown.”

“The national mindset today is more like ‘if it is good for me now it really doesn’t matter what happens later.’ If the truth be told, our churches, religious institutions, civil society, NGOs, and government have largely and continue to contribute to this mindset of entitlement without service, integrity and hard work,” he said.

“Our messages of instant gratification have led to a whole generation who only want to see instant results, immediate relief, and painless profits. This is not the natural and honorable cause of nature. My friends, young and old, listen: the future is now, and it’s time for meaningful change.”

“If we want our nation to change,” Dr. Reeves said, “Liberians must not only change the messages coming from our pulpits on Sundays, and mosques on Fridays, and the policies from Capitol Hill on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, but we must begin to change from today.

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you’ve always got. And we are not satisfied with what we have. Beginning today, we must be the change we want to see.”

Dr. Reeves said: “We must from now on deliver and begin to live messages of hard-work, creativity, innovation, dedication, commitment, perseverance, diligence, responsibility, integrity, God first, Liberia second and me last. In this, we will automatically become God’s miracle agents of positive and productive transformation in our homes, churches, mosque, schools, and communities.”

Dr. Reeves, before returning to Liberia in 2006, served as co-pastor of the Madison Square Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States and assumed the role of pastor at the Providence Baptist Church.

In May, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed him co-chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Grand Bassa Community College (GBCC).

In announcing his choice yesterday, the MOVEE standard bearer, Dr. J. Mills Jones, told scores of supporters at the party’s headquarters that Dr. Reeves is the perfect partner for the journey ahead.

“It is my pleasure to announce that I have selected Dr. Samuel B. Reeves to serve as my vice standard bearer because he is a Liberian who stands for social justice, a Liberian who stands for peace and a Liberian who stands for development,” Dr. Jones said.

He added: “Dr. Reeves has the ability to be a partner in progress so that at the end of the day we will be able to say that he was part of the administration, not just the vice president.”

Dr. Jones returned to his repeated mantra and told his enthusiastic fans that his administration will fight poverty and create a social contract between the government and the governed based on trust.

“Our party has proclaimed that poverty is not our destiny. This is a clear testament of our hope for better days ahead for our country, Liberia,” the man known as ‘poverty doctor’ said. “We have asked the question if the government cannot take risks on Liberians, who should it take a risk on? For me, I have always known the answer to the question of taking risks on Liberians: the welfare of Liberians must be first, and if not in Liberia, then where? We say, count on us.”

And in this connection, Dr. Jones said: “We want to be quite clear that under a Movement for Economic Empowerment administration, the financial inclusion policy that we started while in public service will continue and will be strengthened, learning from lessons learned.”

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