Liberians Who Stole Seven Luxury Vehicles From U.S. In Court

One of the vehicles being unloaded from a container in Monrovia

Several Liberians who resided in the United States of America are been prosecuted at the Criminal Court ‘C’ at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia for their alleged involvement in the stealing of seven luxury cars from that country and shipped into Liberia.

According to the New Democrat, those involved in the car theft are Armstrong Tony Cambell, Sheak K. Brown, Sheriff Lasuado, Kandakai Sherman and many others to be identified, they have been charged with multiple criminal offences including theft of property, economic sabotage, smuggling, criminal conspiracy and criminal facilitation.

According to court documents, between the periods of July to October 2016, the defendants along with others yet to be identified, while in the United States did conspire with co-defendant Sheak K. Brown of Monrovia to knowingly steal and shipped into Liberia seven luxury vehicles to include AUDI Q5 SUV, Jeep Wrangler SUV, DODGE Ram etc. belonging to diverse persons in the US.

The court documents continued, “The defendants without authorization from the owners took away the vehicles and had them shipped into Liberia in the name and styled Sheak K. Brown Building Material Incorporated of which co-defendant Sheak K. Brown represented himself to be the purported general manager.”

As part of the grand scheme, and in order to conceal the identity of the stolen vehicles, prosecutors say codefendant Armstrong T. Cambell provided false information about the cars to the shipping lines which was placed on the packing list, invoice and bill of landing.

The defendants Armstrong T. Campbell and Sheak K. Brown also caused the New Millennium Cargo Handling to provide fake information to Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA).

“Co-defendants Armstrong T. Cambell and Sheak K. Brown caused their broker the New Millennium Cargo Handling to enter into Asycuda System on September 30, 2016 and declared misleading specifications of the vehicles’ VIN number, year and mileage which resulted into understatement of the true value of the vehicles with the intent of both concealing the identity of the vehicles and defrauding the Government of Liberia of the required taxes,” the court stated.

Source: ND

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