Rights Group Condemns ‘Brutal Torture’ Against Christine Freeman By Husband

Eldred Wlemongar Thomas/GNN Staff Reporter

Mrs. Freeman in severe pains in a U.S. based hospital

Recently Darius Freeman, a Liberian who is on the run for brutally torturing his visiting wife from the United States has created serious concern among Liberian rights groups who are publicly condemning violence against Liberian women and girls.

VFC Executive Director Kelvin Bishop Fallah

The Volunteers for Change Liberia, a non-governmental organization today expressed with dismay over the continuous and deliberate act of domestic violence against women and girls in the country.

The VFC lamented the alarming reports of Gender and Sexual based Violence which includes extreme form of aggression such as assault, rape, murder, domestic violence among others.

The group says it attention has been drawn to a recent report of Domestic Violence melted against a Liberian, Christine Dennis Freeman who was brutally assaulted nearly to death by her husband Darius William Freeman resulting to a broken lower esophagus back bone.

Addressing a live News Conference Tuesday in Monrovia, the VFC Executive Director Kelvin Bishop Fallah narrated that the incident happened in the Moulton Corner community in Brewerville city outside Monrovia on May 13 2017.

Mr. Fallah told journalists that after Mr. Freeman discovered some text messages in her (Christine) phone from relatives and other sympathizers regarding the death of her children grandfather.

“This led to a confrontation between the two, after accusing her of still having an affair with the children father, a claim she denied, but it did not prevent her husband from beating on her severely, leaving serious injuries on her neck, head, hand and other parts of her body”, VFC Executive Director explained during the news conference.

Mr. Darius Freeman, the alleged perpetrator on the run

Fallah quoting Mrs. Freeman as saying she was placed under hostage from 10am to 7pm after been tortured and severely flogged, leaving her in a state of unconsciousness.

He continued that Mrs. Freeman while in pains told her driver to carry her sister, instead took her to the Roberts International Airport (RIA) on the instructions reportedly given by her husband, instead of taking her to her sister after a passionate plea to the driver.

Mrs. Freeman is said to be seeking treatment in a US based medical center, while photos of her torture were being displayed during the the press conference by her sister.

There are conflicting reports regarding the whereabouts of the alleged perpetrator (The Husband), fleeing after committing this hideous act.

Another torturer parts of Mrs. Freeman

One report says he is on the verge of leaving the country for fear of been prosecuted, while other unconfirmed report indicating that he is seeking refuge in Lome, Togo, but there has been no report from Liberian security institutions as well as interpol.

But, addressing the media, the VFC Executive Director has vowed that no matter the distance he (Mr. Freeman) will be brought to justice, this he noted will serve as a deterrent.

“With such intelligence and given the critical nature of Mrs. Freeman situation and other women, we urged security institutions mainly the Liberia National Police to speed up its ongoing investigation, and launch a massive manhunt for Mr. Freeman for his alleged act.

Mrs. Freeman seeking treatment in the U.S.

He said the negative and damaging impact of the continuous and increasing wave of abuses against women must not be overlooked.

Fallah termed this latest act of domestic violence as barbaric, uncivilized, inhumane and unhealthy by men who have absolutely no respect and dignity for women given their countless sacrifices to building the homes, communities and nations.

The VFC head therefore called on the Liberian Government through the Gender Ministry, Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia, AFELL, the Inter-Faith Religious Council, and Female Legislative Caucus of Liberia, NGOs Women Secretariat to swiftly intervene by amplifying their advocacies.

“Let us also called on members of the National Legislature to consider fast-tracking the passage of the Domestic Violence Act still in the corridors of the Capitol Building”, he stressed.

He further urged all relevant institutions to speak and take concrete actions to deter wicked men from insulting, assaulting and humiliating women and girls.

He called on the Justice System to treat reports of gender and sexual based violence with utmost relevance to ensure the evil doers bear the full weight of law for their wicked and malicious action.

“We like to throw out this as a warning to our parents and victims to desist from compromising these cases as it does not only undermine the efforts of human rights groups, but also the well-being and security of women, Mr. Fallah pointed out”.

Kelvin Fallah concluded that the VFC remains resolute in their advocacy to help restore the dignity and moral sanity of all women regardless of status, noting they play a pivotal role in transforming society.

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